We Need Internet Marketing Help

My boss and I sat down with some of the guys in tech and the marketing staff this morning. We are getting ready to open up a new web page and we are trying to figure out how to promote it. Of course that is not an easy thing to do and so we are looking for help. There are a lot of guys who do Internet marketing, but it is really hard to figure out who has the ability to produce results. For example I checked out some Ewen Chia reviews and this guy really makes a lot of big claims. The essence of his pitch is that if you listen to him, then you stand to make millions. In fact that is a common thread when you listen to people in this field. They are in marketing after all and the first thing that they need to be able to do is to sell their own services. The fact is that this is really complicated stuff and no one who is not trained is going to be able to really understand the stuff. You have to think about a lot of things that are really difficult to grasp. In essence the trick is to be able to game the system, the system in turn is the mathematical expression or algorithm that is used to create the search results. You have to be able to understand this stuff if you really want to be good at this and you have to understand how to exploit it. Obviously the people at Google are not going to sit idly by and allow people to do this. They are going to act to prevent this stuff from going on. They want to make sure that the results are as good as they can be,

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