Traditions Meal Solutions Review

Advertised on their home page as “dining at its finest,” Traditions Meal Solutions offers consumers the benefit of affordable and nutritious meals that bring excitement to the dinner table. Their menu is targeted at the needs of seniors, offering frozen and shelf-stable prepared meals.

Their meals are advertised as nutritional, providing a minimum of 625 calories, and no more than 1,350 mg of sodium.

Traditions Meal Solutions Meal Plans
Traditions offers four meal plansthat include ten meals in each package. Consumers may choose between:
  • Southern Delights
  • Comfort Classics
  • Hearty Cravings
  • Mix It Up
Each meal plan costs $69.95, or $6.99 per meal. Through their “Private Pay” program, any consumer can purchase these meal plans for themselves or an aging family member.
Unlike most meal delivery services, Traditions Meal Solutions includes dry milk, bread slices, fruit juice, and margarine to add to the daily meal plan.
However, unlike most meal delivery services, someone has to be home to sign for the delivery, which can be a little inconvenient. Customer service is exceptional though, as they send you many emails or even call you to confirm the time of your shipping delivery so you are available to sign for the shipment.
At this time there are no Traditions Meal Solutions Coupons available, however, their meals are very inexpensive compared to other meal delivery services. As soon as any Traditions Meal Solutions Coupon Codes become available, we will be happy to share them with you.
Other prepared meal delivery services that offer coupons include Home Bistro and DineWise.
Chicken Parmesan
The chicken patty was the definition of manufactured or processed. There was not enough sauce to cover the patty, and there was no cheese to warrant calling this meal parmesan. See the white gravy substance on the plate?  Those are mashed potatoes so runny you would have to eat them with a spoon. The vegetables are frozen speed-rack.
It may technically be meat, but this meatloaf tasted more like a microwave beef sandwich you could buy at a gas station, then a slice of homemade meatloaf. Again, this meal was not any better than a $1 frozen meal you could buy at the market on sale.  I did not think this meal was not worth anything near what I paid for it.
Country Fried Steak
I would not agree this meal is worth anything near twhat I paid for it, but the Chicken Fried Steak, (really a Chicken Chopped Steak) did have a decent flavor for a meal of this low quality. The mixed vegetables are right out of a frozen bag, and once again, my instant mashed potatoes never reheated into anything close to a solid. 
This was another low quality meal, but it might be worth $2. The sauce is runny and flavorless, and the lasagna noodles had a chalky taste to them. There was some real ground beef sprinkled on top, but no parmesan cheese. The serving size is small, and the Brussels Spouts could have been trimmed. Maybe I am marking on a curve, but a fair meal I would not recommend.
I am a family caregiver for my Mother and my Grandmother, so I think of myself as an expert on senior and elderly meal services. The only suggestion I would have for Traditions Meal Solutions is to provide customers the ability to choose the meals they want instead of having to pick a meal plan. The challenge I have with my elderly Grandmother is getting to eat enough calories a day, and starting with a meal she doesn’t’ care for, makes getting her to eat a full meal all the more challenging.
Ham and Bean Dinner
I couldn’t get my Mother or Grandmother to eat this meal, and I would not have selected it had it not been bundled in a package. The ham and beans came out very watery, like maybe this was supposed to be a soup. I thought the bits of ham were okay and not near as salty as I expected. There are not many beans, as you can see in the picture, and the mixed vegetables were flooded in water. The diced sweet potatoes were actually very good, but I am not giving you much feedback from whom the meals were intended.
Chicken Pattie Meal
The print for heating these meals is beyond tiny. It is very hard to see if it says 6 minutes or 8 minutes. After 6 minutes everything was hot, but the chicken patty didn’t reheat as well as the vegetables. The edges were hard and crusty and exceeded what my Grandmother could chew. She did eat the center of the patty and most of the mixed vegetables. My mother ate the lima beans because my Grandmother doesn’t care for them. In all honesty, I have purchased chicken patties like this in a roll of 20 at Costco, but this meal was okay.
Beef Pattie
Both my Mother and Grandmother had higher opinions of this meal than I did, but to see a smile on their faces made it well worth using just their feedback. They both loved the beef pattie and the black-eyed peas. My Grandmother loved the spinach, but you can see the amount of water that make it to the plate during reheating. 
Cheese Omelet Meal
This meal went over great with my Mother and Grandmother. I have had prepared meal delivery breakfast meals before, and I think this one was good compared to others I have tried, but Mom and Gram insisted on giving this meal four stars. Asparagus for breakfast seemed a little odd to me, but they liked the idea. I guess you can’t get a better review than one coming from the people these meals are intended for. The meal reheated well at 6 minutes.
Chicken Dumplings
The official name of this meal is Diced Dark and White Chicken Meat with Dumpling Pasta and Gravy, which may be as close to Chicken and Dumplings as this meal gets. Its unappetizing name is equally matched by its appearance and taste.  The mixed vegetables are standard fare you can find in the frozen food section of your market, as are the diced peaches which taste much better cold than they do heated in a microwave for eight minutes. The labels are very hard to read, and you have to be home to sign for the delivery.
Chili Mac
This meal looks a lot better than it tastes. In fact, there is no taste. I might have given this meal a silver medal for its looks, but sampled one spoonful of each of these meal components and tossed in the garbage. The sauce is watery, which is a trend I am seeing with this meals. The macaroni is mushy and there is not even a hint of chili flavor. The label says diced carrots with sauce. There was sauce on the carrots? And it also says there was sauce on the green beans. Maybe their intent was good, but this was poor execution.
BBQ Beef Brisket
I can honestly say I don’t believe I have had a good beef brisket from a meal delivery service, but this one was outstanding. The shredded brisket wasn’t all dried out, the BBQ sauce didn’t taste jarred, and it had a nice little spicy zing to it. I wish the portion size was larger, but for a meal under $7, and considering the cost of brisket these days, I think this meal is quite a value. There is enough to pile on a fresh hard roll and have a really good BBQ Beef sandwich.
The mixed vegetables probably came out of a 55 gallon drum, but those little fried potatoes were darn good, too. There was a nice little crust on the bottom side of them, and a hint of onion powder. That little attention to detail made me change my vote from a silver medal to a gold medal. Too bad you can’t order more of just this meal, because I would order it again. 

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