The AC Quit Right when the Days Began to Be Sweltering

How did the old folks survive living anywhere near the city? Was it cooler back then? As a kid, I remember doing a lot of sweating in our house in August every year. Wow! They are not kidding calling it the dog days of August. Dad had one of those metal window fans in my room. It was round, and you could flip it over to blow air in or out.. My bed was next to the window, and I slept sideways to have the fan blowing on my face. Today, I’m calling for air conditioning repair in NYC because our house reminds me of those days of my youth. The air went out yesterday, and it is hot as an oven in here. What makes matters worse is that we do not even have any fans. We have had central air since my wife and I built this house.

I found myself last night wishing I had that old window fan I had as a kid in my room. Just something to move some air. Even hot air is more bearable if it is moving. It started to cool off a touch about four in the morning. We had all the windows open on the second floor. As soon as the sun came up, the heat was coming back. The AC repair people are due to arrive sometime soon. I could take the heat as a kid. I am not a fan of it nowadays inside. I’m a bit older than my dad was when he put that fan in my room on that one particularly hot August.

Our kids are teens, and they both decided to sleep over at a friend’s house last night. They jumped ship early. I can’t blame them. They did not need to see me sweating in my boxers trying to get some cool air at the freezer. I have no idea how my wife was able to act like she was not feeling the heat and humidity. It was miserable for me. Looking forward to the techs for air conditioning repair in NYC showing up soon. I’ll stay in my boxers. Maybe it will make them hurry up!

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