Send A Meal Reviews

Send A Meal is a food company that specializes in family sized servings. Not everything on the menu is prepared, so be sure to check the heating instructions before you buy.  Entrees, sides, and vegetables are sold in three to four servings per item.

There are no single meals available.   This meal service is an online company that strives in providing fully prepared gourmet meals nationwide so there is always time for a meal.

This company offers many different service plans from 2 day delivery plans to weekly plans in which you get to choose a new meal everyday for a full week.  Each prepared dish feeds four or more people; however, each is able to be frozen for up to six months.  If you are looking for an individual meal, simply divide it up evenly and place the rest in the occasions such as birthday or anniversaries, Send a Meal offers the choice of gift certificates and gourmet food gifts that can be received through the mail same day if ordered before a specific time or through email and then printed out.  Free shipping also applies to all special occasion orders.  Located on the gift certificate is a list of meals to choose from and how to redeem them.  Once selected, your order will be shipped via standard ground shipping.  Additional charges apply if the food product is expected sooner.

Though theyl guarantee deliveries nationwide, certain restrictions do apply.  However, home deliveries are guaranteed to arrive when specified.  Shipping is refunded if the meal arrives late if there is a failure of the carrier to make the delivery.

Send A Meal Reviews

Why Allow Special Instructions If You Don’t Use Them?
I Use this service to send a thanksgiving meal to my daughter that is college, Now before I made the order I called the company and verified with them to see if they could deliver to a campus if I give them the building and room number in which they told me YES. So I place the order as well as put in special instruction to call her when they get close so she can meet them, that way it’s easier on both parties. Well that’s when it all went down hill,
My daughter call me checking up on the order in which I told her it was delivered and didn’t she get a phone call. She tell me no one call her and it’s not at the front office, therefore I made a phone call to SendAMeal informing them of the situation. They said it was delivered and signed for; that’s when I inform them they was suppose to call her per SPCIAL INSTRUCTION ON THERE WEB SITE !!, while not only did my daughter not get a phone call but they delivered it but to the other side of the campus. Now my daughter had to find a security guard to let her in the office her delivery was sent to because this was THANKSGIVING BREAK and 90% of campus staff was gone, lucky she was able to get her food and enjoy her thanksgiving but the hassle she had to go through to get it was unacceptable. What’s even worst was SendAMeal send me a email saying Item was delivered and their not responsible for the driver calling the customer ahead of time.
Now my question is what is the point of having special instruction if you don’t use them and second if you know your third party delivery system will not perform the task at hand, why didn’t SendAMeal have one of there people call the recipient and let them know it’s on it way? That would have made me a father not seeing there kid for thanksgiving feel a whole lot better. Therefore I will never use this company again.
A Complete Disappointment
I used Send a Meal to place an order for a good friend who was homebound due to a medical condition.  In filling out the order, the postal system generated an error in the mailing address. As a result, the food never got to the proper address. But what was most frustrating was that there was absolutely no attempt make to contact me even though I had put down my own phone number as the person to contact to obtain the delivery.
IN trying to resolve the situation, all customer service did was send me an email saying they are not liable for the order and that they have already charged my credit card and could rectify it for me by charging me another full price (over $200)
So I am out over $200 and have no product received or even any communication received about any issues.
This was a complete disappointment to me.
Save Your Money
I ordered an Anniversary meal for my brother and sister in law, but they sent me the info on how to redeem the voucher, they have no way of contacting a live person to straighten it out, so I have to say, please save your money and go elsewhere!
Won’t Hesitate Coming Back
I used them for my parents in IL in 2010 and 2011 and had only positive experiences.  5 meals both times.  It arrived when it was supposed to and my parents loved it.  I was shocked reading the other reviews. I tried a new (organic) place this year and if it doesn’t go well I won’t hesitate coming back to this meal service.
No Phone Number
I ordered a meal for my 93 year old mother so she would have something to eat on Mother’s Day. It was scheduled to arrive on May 11, 2012. It actually arrived on May 15, 2012. There is no phone contact at all. Next time I will order directly from the actual vendor Omaha Steaks and save about 50% on the meal ($19.99 vs. $39.95).
Warning: Send A Meal Doesn’t Have Any of its Own Food
I placed a recent order with them for some gourmet prepared meals and was shocked to find my entire order came from Omaha Steaks. I went back to the website and found this tiny mention of it:
“The main concept behind Send a Meal is to bring the best prepared foods in various gourmet styles from vendors online into one location. We supply high quality meals from companies such and Omaha Steaks, Lobster Gram and many more.”
I would image its cheaper to buy Omaha Steaks products from Omaha Steaks instead of going through them. It seems strange to me that a food website doesn’t have any of its own food.
I paid $45.97 for lasagna, string beans, and a tiramisu cake which was on special, orginally priced at $62.95. At Omaha Steaks, the same package would have cost me $34.97. You can save 20% just by going to Omaha Steaks.
The Food Was Okay
For the price of the meals, I was a little taken aback by the what you get compared what is shown on the website. The food was okay, but I would have liked to try a few individual meals instead of having to buy in bulk. Maybe I would have gotten a better selection.
The food didn’t warm up as well and as equally as I am accustomed to with someone else. I didn’t know they were leaving the box at my door, so it ended up staying outside all night. 
I Will Look For Other Vendors
I have placed two orders with them. One was successful, the second was hugely disappointing.  Due to some snafu, an order I placed on 2/22 requesting a 2nd day delivery ended up being recorded by them with an anticipated delivery date of 3/16.
When I notified them, they did not acknowledge there could have been an error or attempt to reassure me about their monitoring web orders and service.  Why on earth would a customer choose to pay extra for 2nd day ground delivery for an order placed nearly 3 weeks in the future?  Based on this past experience, I will look for other comparable vendors for this type of service.  
I Will Not Use Them Again
I ordered this for a family member so he would have something to eat when he arrived home from the Hospital. Scheduled to arrive on the 8th, it is now the 11th. They still have not received it. Will not use again. There is no phone contact at all.

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