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Schwans delivery service offers cooked and uncooked meals and meal components. They use their own delivery trucks to maintain their customer base.

They do offer some prepared meals, and that is what we are most interested in. They are a hard to find on their website, so read read the heating instructions!

They recently launched a Top Chef line of prepared meals, based on the popular TV show. We’d love to hear from anyone who has tried those.  We had to use the “search” feature to find them on their website.  If you have tried their Home Service, we invite you to share your experience by submitting 

The company also has the Live Smart program, which denotes products that are healthier for customers.  One can also choose a heart health plan or a diabetes friendly plan to help them find products that are suitable for their health focused lifestyles.
Their website is categorized so that one can search for the food of their choice, including fruits and vegetables, meats, seafood, entrees, pizza, pasta, sides, appetizers, snacks, ice cream, beverages, desserts, and more.  Customers can also choose the Super Saver or Specials option to help them find good deals on their favorite foods.  Families with kids can check out the Kids Favorites menu to find food for meticulous eaters. 

Schwans Coupons and Coupon Codes

Schwans Food Company previously hadn’t offered regular online couponsand coupon codes. Instead they had a rewards program that gives you points based on your order, which save you an additional 5% on your future orders. There is a coupon page on their website at this time, though, which features current coupons, future coupons, and coupon code “FC” which allows customers to save 10% on one order. Learn more about Schwans coupons, and Schwans Coupon Codes.

Two biggest pluses are convenience and healthy eating. Love replacing meals out with steak and salmon at home. Same goes for Asian meals. We also buy alot of fish that cooks quickly for lunches. The most versatile item sold is the diced chicken. We try to live SMART.

Had a very nice first experience with all aspects of Schwans.  Ordered beef tips which were a little salty but I just added unsalted rice and the taste was really good. Frozen vegetables are like Birds Eye at the grocery store (just larger-sized pieces). The driver was very nice and suggested some Easter desserts. Guess you do have to be careful with your orders but I am “fed up” (no pun intended) with the poor quality products in grocery stores –especially meat!!! I plan to continue my business with this company. So far-so good.

I recieved a slab of Schwan’s Baby Back Ribs as a birthday gift. My aunt is a regular Schwan customer and she knew I am a fan of baby back ribs.
They were the most awful ribs I have ever had. I don’t know what cut of meat these were but they sure weren’t like any baby backs I have ever had in a restaurant or prepared myself. They were grissly with all this cartlige running through them. They were tough and chewy. Certainly not the “fall-off-the-bone” experience I expected for the outragous cost.
So this was my first experience buying from them, but not my first experience eating their products. I have several family members that order from them and I remember how good their ice cream was. I placed a large order ($250+). (I have three boys that eat a lot.) The website is easy to navigate and I appreciate that they list the nutrition information.
My spouse and I work several hours each week and appreciate the “help” from some of precooked meals as well as their other products. I had one issue with a delivery date that was resolved with a phone call. I had set delivery for 1/7 between 11-1. I received an email 2 days before stating the delivery would be on 1/9 from 9m-7pm. I called customer service and explained the issue. The rep was very nice and fixed the issue. The delivery came as originally scheduled. The driver was very nice and made recommendations on a few other things I was eyeing in the catalog. I appreciate his honesty.
For those complaining about portions, that is the recommended portion size. You can balance it out with a vegetable or salad or bread. For those complaining about fat and sodium content…what are you comparing this to? Have you looked at other frozen meals or products? I don’t think it’s any worse than any other product, but the taste is much better.
The frozen veggies taste much better. For example, I made a dish with the mixed veggies and have always hated frozen green beans in them because they taste tough. These tasted fresh. I was pleasantly pleased. The tater tots crisp better in the oven than other products. The frozen wheat bread dough is wonderful as fresh baked bread and doesn’t last more than a day in my house.
The beer battered cod is really good…better than the stuff at the store.  There is going to be unhappy people in any spectrum. Am I paying more than if I was at the grocery store? Probably. But it tastes better. Plus, if i were to go out to eat with my family, how much would it cost me? Without alcohol, its at least $50 a meal (unless we go to fast food, which is rare). I can cook a much healthier meal that tastes equally good for less than half. To each their own.
Have you ever checked the ingredients. Talk about toxic and using the least expensive ingredients and charging the most for an inferior product.
I live in Maine one of the more overweight states, with a large population of seniors. MANY of the products contain aluminum which as been proven to cause Alzheimer’s, not to mention high sodium and carb counts.
In my opinion, if you care about your health stay away from their products no matter how convenient their door to door service may be or how tasty an occassional product might be.
In all fairness when I did complain to the company my money was refunded. When I commented that I would need to see a list of ingredients BEFORE I purchased anything, they said that was not possible.
I was very disappointed with my food order. I found quite a different between the pictures shown on their website and the actual meals I received. I also found almost all of the plastic seal was broken on the trays. One one meal in particular, the contents of the sauce looked like it leaked into the box before it was frozen.
Live Smart Beef Portablla Dinner for Two
I literally found nine cubes of beef no larger than a 1/2 inch. In the picture, you can see they occupy the lower left corner of the tray. The beef was exceptional, but four cubes for me, and five cubes for my husband hardly made a meal. In fact, my husband had no problems eating the whole thing.
The vegetables were standard frozen mixed vegetables, you can buy at any supermarket, with a few pieces of broccoli. The gravy had a hint of portabella mushroom flavor, with a few tiny slices of mushrooms.  This meal is part of the healthy live smart menu. If your husband eats the whole meal, like mine did, then he will have consumed 1,100 mg of sodium and 18 grams of fat. 
Be Careful to Read the Sizes and Quantities
I starting using them after getting free steaks, that were definitely not worth the money they wanted but good for free, and decided to keep them cause my husband’s family used to use them and he has certain things he likes.
The two different drivers we have had were ok, liked the first one better but no problems with the new guy.  Although they do like to push an order when you don’t want anything.  But lately have been only buying things that we definitely like or are on sale.  They have been doing a decent job of offering a good range of discounts to get people to try different kinds of foods they offer.  And now have a rewards program were you earn points for each dollar placed in an order online, which actually is pretty decent cause works out to 5% rewards.  But do be careful to read the sizes and quantities cause they tend to be very pricey especially with the meat.
Overall most foods I have tried were good and their ice cream if phenomenal, but be wary if you feel guilty easily because if you don’t order you may get a guilt trip.
Oh yeah and they charge a delivery fee each time they deliver that was just raise from $1 to $1.75, so if you don’t want to pay them $3.50 a month to come out don’t bother.
Disgusting and Embarrasing
This was my first and last time ordering from their Home Delivery Service. I picked up a few prepared meals and was not impressed with any of them. But it is their chili that upset me so much I was motivated to write to write in. Not only is it disgusting, I am embarrased for them that they would put their name on this and call it a meal.
Live Smart Chili
You just have to go to their website and see the picture they show for this Schwans Chili, and compare it to what you actually get. It is an insult. This chili is as bad as the cheapest canned chilli you find in a supermarket or at any Wawa to put on your hot dog.
Thank God it was horrible, because the portion size was about a 1/4 inch high from the bottom of the tray. You really wouldn’t want to eat more than what they give you. There is no meat, there are hardly any beans, and thier isn’t enough spice to light a match.
The Food is Very High in Fat and Sodium
I’ve been ordering home delivery from this company for 1 1/2 years now due to surgery… the food I found to be convenient and most of it really good (of course, everyone has different tastes), and delivery was always on time…Fair WARNING though…  The food is very high in fat and sodium…They have very few low fat content items…After eating their food for 1 1/2 years, I gained 40 lbs…I’m 72 years old and have NEVER been overweight…I have now stopped delivery from them and just joined Jenny Craig at home service for weight loss…Even more important, I just found out from my physician that I have High Cholesterol…Have NEVER had a health problem in my life until now…
Summary:  If you don’t want to  gain weight and get a high cholesterol, (both high and low) then stay away from them!
Just Watch for Small Quantities
We love them.  We have a very large family, and often the convince of their food is required to get dinner on the table. They are more expensive than going to the local grocery store, but much cheaper and as convenient as dining out.  The meals are easy to prepare with clear directions.  Some of the items have a small quantity in the package so read the descriptions WELL.
Can Be a Good Value
We are new the prepared supper deliveries and have tried a few different companies that do this kind of thing. If you are thinking about getting any meals from this company, it would be a good idea to spend some extra time reading consumer reviews on their website. We have had some unpleasent meals, but we have also had some good ones too. Their meals can be a good value if you are careful about what you buy.
Chicken Enchilada Dinner
This meal tastes pretty good and it comes as a serving for one. It is also a Live Smart meal. The Spanish rice can be a little bland, but nothing a little salt can’t fix. The enchilada is good too, and the sauce is delicious. The portion size is large compared to many of their other meals. It certainly makes an excellent lunch to take to the office.
Chicken and Broccoli Express Bowl
This is one of my favorite meals from them, and I highly recommend it. It is a simple dish of diced chicken, white rice, and broccoli, but the sauce is very good and there is plenty to mix it with the rice. You get two when you order it.
Can’t Get Our Delivery
We have placed many orders with this company, always being told by there customer services reps that “yes”, there are several trucks that deliver in our area and there will be no problem with us getting our order, so we place our order “again”, hoping this time they will deliver. we wait ……. and wait …… and wait some more.
A few weeks later we were at CBS building supply here in our small town in Coushatta, when up drives a Schwans truck to make a delivery to someone there, so I take the opportunity to ask why they have never delivered any of our orders, he then tells me its because it takes too much time to deliver to our home, he said our order is put on the truck, it rides around for a few days and then it’s sent back.
That’s really funny because we see their truck pass our road several time a week! and if its close enough to see the truck pass, then it should be close enough for the driver to deliver our orders!  The driver is deciding to not to deliver to us!
Poor Reviews on their Own Website
Attitude is everything in the service business.  I just had a delivery guy stop by, and told him I didn’t need anything.  He launched into a lecture as to how I was supposed to be there when he came if I wanted to be a customer. I guess regardless if I worked or not in the middle of the day!  He talked to me like it was a privilege for me to even have him stop by.
He started raving about something else, and I had to shut the door. After reading several RECENT reviews of poor quality and taste of the food (on their own website!), I am no longer interested in anything they have. Had his attitude been a bit better, I might have purchased SOMETHING just to help him stay employed.  
Small Portion Sizes and Packaging Problems
I thought most of the prepared meals I tried from them were good. I had some other difficulties. First, I found their website difficult to navigate and find everything that was prepared. Second, almost all of the sealed trays I received in my order were either broken or torn. I was concerned about the safety of that, but went ahead and had them anyway.
Baked Ziti
This tray of Baked Ziti is supposed to serve two people, and in all honesty it could if it were a side dish. But it is not such a small portion as many of their other meals. The ziti itself is very good, and I would recommend it. There is a lot of cheese through and through, and the sauce is good. It could be one of the best ziti’s I have ever had from a meal delivery company.
Creamy Shrimp Scampi with Linguini
This meal is can be awkward to reheat. The pasta comes in one bag and the sauce comes in a tray. Then you have to find a bowl or a plate and mix the two. I didn’t think the meal needed any vegetables in it. The linguini was good, but not al dente, and the shrimp sauce was good, but could of used some more flavor. 
I Find The Food Delicious
I read many not so good things about this company, I find the food delicious.  If you are expecting a 4 star gourmet, well then your in for a disappointing experience. But when it comes to frozen prepared meals or snacks, and oh my gosh ice cream I am a happy camper.
My delivery guy is wonderful and I have never had a bad customer service experience in the 3+ years I have been ordering. The best thing is this company is that they are smart enough to put the heating directions not only on the box the product comes in but also the package of the product so you can get rid of the box if need be.

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