Photon Infotech’s Worldwide Reach

Throughout history, the most pioneering technologies have always managed to bring
people closer together. Thanks to inventions such as the steam powered engine and the
Internet, boundaries that once limited the way people communicate no longer exist.
Nowadays, mobile technologies grant regular people an extreme amount of flexibility.
They can check their bank accounts, search for reviews and contact faraway family
members from just about anywhere in the world. This kind of worldwide reach would not
be possible if it wasn’t for companies like Photon Infotech.

Fortune 500 companies across the globe understand that accessibility is the key to
acquiring new customers. After all, who wants to use a mobile application or website that
is unwieldy and hard to navigate? These companies and others desire technologies that
are both fully functional and well-designed. It is for this reason that so many big name
firms have turned to Photon Infotech.

The 1,500 professionals employed at Photon work together to create comprehensive
solutions. Whereas most IT firms only handle the developmental aspect of building an
app, Photon is happy to assist its clients with the layout and design of their products.
Consequently, companies no longer need to employ multiple firms to complete one
project. By turning to Photon for all their needs, firms save money, time and valuable

Today, Photon is facilitating the growth of technologies that will bring people even closer
together. They will accomplish this through their Windows 8 development practice.
Windows 8 promises to expand upon the capabilities of mobile devices. By taking
advantage of this powerful new OS, Photon Infotech will provide its clients with even
more flexibility in how they touch base with their end users.

Since their inception in 1999, Photon Infotech has been creating solutions that allow
clients to connect directly with their customer bases. Because they have proven so
successful at helping companies achieve a worldwide reach, Photon Infotech itself has
grown into a global powerhouse worthy of praise. Look for Photon Infotech to continue
growing throughout the rest of 2012 and beyond.

Due to the popularization of the Internet, brick and mortar stores are quickly being replaced by their online counterparts. Providing customers with user friendly interfaces, fast and often free deliveries and all of the conveniences afforded by shopping from home, online storefronts are an attractive alternative to more traditional mall settings. But shopping alone online can also feel a bit impersonal. Sometimes, customers want the accessibility of an online store and the social and exploration aspects of a mall. Thanks to and pioneering Internet consulting firm Photo Infotech, their desires have become a reality.

Intended to be a virtual mall where customers could create their very own unique online persona and customize their preferred stores, Virtual E-Shopping, thanks to the creative minds at Photon Infotech, ended up being so much more. In addition to the aforementioned, customers are able to fully customize their preferred stores and are able to interact with other patrons currently online. Imagine never having to wander around for hours at a time in search of that one elusive sale item, only to find that it’s sold out. At users create their own unique experience.

A site like required a sleek 3D interface in order for it to function properly. This is where Photon Infotech’s help came in most handy. Doing nothing short of revolutionizing e-shopping, the appealing, vibrant look of the site allowed it to stand out from other sites with similar goals.

Contest deals, clean, concise directories and FAQs round out the virtual e-shopping experience. Photon Infotech has proven once again that the solutions they provide to small and large business alike are among the very best that the industry has to offer. Revolutionizing the way we conduct our everyday activities, Photon Infotech and its courteous, professional staff is setting new boundaries for what can be done on the Internet. Visit their website at to learn more about the fascinating array of services they provide.

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