Photon Infotech – World Leading Internet Consulting Firm

It is very likely that you have downloaded at least one mobile app that was created or
worked on by world leading Internet consulting firm Photon Infotech. I’m sure most
iPhone 4 users have at least tried out the Virtual Assistant app otherwise known as
Siri. What about Gas Buddy – ever heard of that one? The point is Photon Infotech has
worked with some of the biggest names in the industry to deliver end projects that change
the way the average person lives their life.

Most people assume that Photon Infotech has been around for decades. After all, it
usually takes a long time to secure dozens of Fortune 500 clients. Astoundingly, Photon
has only been around for 13 years. So how exactly did they manage to achieve such
resounding success in that amount of time?

Well, the answer begins and ends with their staff members. See, Photon Infotech employs
workers who possess a wide range of knowledge, and who specialize in at least one,
if not many, fields. Thus, Photon Infotech’s collective knowledge base is significantly
larger than that of their closest competitors.

Also, the leaders at Photon Infotech believe that an open environment facilitates
productivity and growth. Employees are encouraged to work together on solutions, and
spend a significant amount of time bouncing ideas off one another. It is a proven fact
that teams work more effectively than a group of individuals. Photon Infotech takes
advantage of this – the results of their tremendous efforts speak for themselves.

But more than anything, Photon Infotech succeeds because it supplies their clients with
cutting edge, ambitious and comprehensive solutions. Even now, Photon Infotech is
preparing their clients for the future by launching their Windows 8 development practice.
To date, there are already 100 trained engineers working on 10 different projects for the
new OS set to launch in October, 2012.

Photon Infotech has attainted their esteemed status in the industry not by excelling in just
one area, but by mastering every aspect of how a company should be run. Look for them
to continue to grow in the future.

Photon Infotech, a leading IT consulting agency and provider of Cloud-to-Consumer User Experiences, is proud to announce the launch of their new website. In keeping with its tradition of always utilizing the most cutting edge technologies and designs to create superior products, the site boasts one of the cleanest, most user friendly interfaces found on the web today.
Visitors will notice several appealing modifications made to the site. First and foremost, navigation is now made significantly easier, as articles on recent news, projects and the company overview and history are all only one click away. Additionally, the mission statement of the company is listed on the home page, allowing prospective visitors to get an idea of the services offered by one of the largest IT solutions providers in the world.
Photon Infotech uses the new website to highlight the work it has done with high profile customers. For instance, it has recently worked with industry leaders Walgreen, Horizon and HSN on mobile applications that allow users to interact with the companies from the convenience of their smartphone or tablet. To date, Photon works with over 22% of Fortune 100 companies and reaches over 60 million end users on a daily basis – a staggering amount for a company only conceived in 1999.
Photon also uses the website to introduce 72 Pixels. A new division that focuses on the front end design and creative aspects of a solution, the professionals at 72 Pixels are equally proficient at creating visually appealing, easy to use interfaces as they are at understanding how to engineer robust back end solutions. Companies employing their services are guaranteed to have their applications stand out among the rest of the crowd.
Photon Infotech proves itself not through talk, but through action. It is one thing to say that you are accelerating innovation, but to prove year after year that you are the absolute best at what you do is another. Thanks to its committed, talented staff and tireless work ethic, Photon Infotech has enjoyed an over 65% year over year sales growth since 2009, and shows no sign of slowing down.

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