Photon Infotech is the Largest Global Provider in C2C-UX

Photon, founded by two successful entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley in 2007, is the largest global provider of Cloud-to-Consumer User Experiences, also known as C2C-UX. C2C-UX are cross-platform, multichannel solutions including mobile, social, web, kiosk and in-store consumer touchpoints. Photon uses these experiences to leverage a competitive advantage for their clients with the scale and cost efficiency of a Central IT cloud platform. Their development in design and IT as well as business channels uniquely positions them to drive exponential growth of users and revenue. The company is aggressively growing with a sales growth of 65% year over year and a customer base currently exceeding 700. Presently, Photon is the largest in dedicated mobile engineers with over 1500 across the United States, India and Indonesia as well as the largest in consumer touchpoints with more than 60 million a day.
Photon is so successful because of their ability to combine the creative design skills of an agency with the forceful IT delivery capacity of a global services provider. Unlike other global providers, Photon has the ability to offer their in-house design agency, 72 Pixels. 72 Pixels works with Photons’ clients Marketing Departments to deliver front-end creative and user-centric experiences. Their fusion of core IT systems with front-end creative makes Photon an exclusive partner for the cloud-to-consumer demographic. Photon drives their product through their multichannel project success: ideation through implementation and beyond into iteration.
From its inception in 1999, to its current status as a global powerhouse, Photon Infotech has always abided by one principle: utilize the latest technology to create dynamic, cutting-edge solutions. And because the company has never deviated from its core principles, it currently enjoys tremendous success within the IT consulting arena.
The precursor to Photon Infotech, INFRAVIO, was founded by brothers Srinivas and Mukund Balasubramanian from a Stanford University dorm room in 1999. Whereas Srinivas focused on the business side of the operation, Mukund was placed in charge of technology. Their combined skill set allowed them to conceive a strong, practical business plan, and the brothers were soon able to acquire venture capital for their burgeoning operation.
As web services developed, the brothers became aware that the Enterprise Cloud would soon emerge as a global platform. It was this insight that allowed them to anticipate the needs of Fortune 100 companies. As INFRAVIO began to grow, the executives learned how to asset cost and risk while still providing innovative, modern solutions to their rapidly growing list of clientele.
With the landmark release of the iPhone in 2007, the brothers founded Photon Infotech. Mobile technology was a foreign concept to most IT companies, but the brothers had already ascertained that cloud computing and mobile tech would soon revolutionize the industry. Photon Infotech quickly established a favorable reputation and ended up gaining hundreds of clients looking to capitalize on the mobile boom. It even played a hand in developing the iPhone’s Virtual Assistant “Siri.”
To date, Photon boasts over 700 unique clients, possesses over 1,500 employees over the U.S, Indonesia and India, and works with over 22% of the Fortune 100 companies. It recently launched a New York based subdivision entitled 72 Pixels. Focusing on the front end design of mobile applications, 72 Pixels transformed Photon Infotech from a back end solutions provider to a company that can create a mobile app in its entirety.
The company has also won a multitude of outstanding achievement awards including its recognition by Red Herring as one of the Top 100 companies globally.

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