Personal Chef To Go Reviews

Personal Chef To Go is a company that provides freshly prepared meals for shipping. The meals are made with fresh, natural ingredients and can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

These meals are convenient whether for singles, couples, or families and have specific menus that change by the week.
Once the meal plan is decided upon, meals can be ordered online.
They are shipped very shortly after preparation so the food is always fresh when arriving at the destination.The food is never frozen, but kept a safe, cold temperature in triple insulated containers.Each week, new menus are designed with healthy eating a priority. This food is free of Trans fats, made with whole grains, no preservatives or additives and nutritional information is always included.
There are three menu plans, “Busy Singles,” “Couples on the Go,” and “Family Favorites.” Busy Singles consist of eight single serving meals for the week, including five dinner entrees and three entree salads. The Couples on the Go plan includes ten dinner entrees consisting of two servings of five meals. Family Favorites includes four complete meals complete with main courses and side dishes.
These meals always are shipped ready to heat and eat, but can also be frozen (except for the salads). They are in recyclable containers and have use by and freeze by dates on the labels and can be heated either in the microwave or oven.
Some of the menu items include grilled balsamic Dijon chicken salad with balsamic dressing, pesto shrimp, garlic chili beef Thai style, and chicken Marengo with fresh green beans. For those wanting to make healthy eating a priority but have little time to do so, this company may be worth a look into for more information.
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Personal Chef To Go Reviews
Tasted Like I HAD Hired a Personal Chef
I don’t like to cook and need to lose weight.  I have tried a couple of weight programs but failed, as I don’t like to cook (Weight Watchers) and could not stand the processed foods (Medifast).  I priced out hiring a personal chef in my area, but the cost and variety of food each week were limited, as the chef would only be cooking for me. So I tried a few meal delivery services to compare the food before I committed to one (DineWise, Magic Kitchen, Personal Chef to Go).
Dinewise and Magic Kitchen meals tasted equal to or worse than airplane meals.  But ‘Personal Chef to Go’ tasted like I HAD hired a personal chef. The meals were delicious, filling, visually appealing, and w/in my desired calorie count. Also, each week’s menu fulfilled the craving for a variety of proteins and vegetables.  I am so glad I found ‘Personal Chef to Go’!! Note, I have not had any issues with delivery thus far, as noted in another review.
No Contracts and So Far So Easy
I’ve been on the program for 3 weeks and love the food not to mention the convenience.  Just ordered my 2nd month to be delivered next week. I’m losing inches and pounds.  My coworkers can already see the loss so that’s really encouraging.  It’s definitely worth trying at least a month.  No contracts and so far so easy.
Problems Right Out of the Box
Before I get to my meal reviews, I have to say I was very unimpressed with shipping, packaging, and being able to read nutritional labels. I had problems with Personal Chef To Go right out of the box.
  • First, the film on two of my meals broke causing some severe leaking inside the shipping box. I had reservations about even eating the food.
  • Second, my husband is a diabetic and I have to count the amount of carbs he eats every meal. Their nutritional label says each meal serves two to three people. How does someone convert that into what a portion size is?  Is it two servings, or is it three servings?
  • Third, when you peel back a corner of the film to reheat the meal and microwave it, the label comes out of the microwave all black and impossible to read. This too made it difficult to properly portion a meal for my diabetic husband because now I couldn’t read anything. I had to peel off the label in advance and wrap it with saran wrap so I could still see the nutritional label. What a pain.
  • Fourth, I did not see anywhere on the website where I was able to customize a meal on the menu. If there is a meal on the menu you don’t like, tough. You have to buy it anyway.
Personal Chef To Go Chicken and Pasta Dinner
I would have given this prepared meal no chef hats had it not been for the salad. I would guess there one small chicken breast cut up and tossed over a lot of pasta, and I mean a lot. There was hardly any sauce to cover the pasta too. It is easy to see in the close up picture. The salad was exceptionally crisp and fresh, except there wasn’t much in the way of anything other than lettuce. The salad dressing, which wasn’t labeled, was some kind of vinaigrette that was bland at best. The broccoli came out good, but you can see in the picture how many florets you get per person.
Cajun Jambalaya and Spanish Rice
This was another meal that was borderline no chef hats, which is shame because I was really looking forward to the notion of having prepared meals delivered by a personal chef. Cafeteria to Go might be more accurate. This would have been a meal I would have substituted given the opportunity. The Spanish Rice (and that is a huge stretch calling it that) was painfully overcooked and dried out, the dinner roll was as hard as a rock, and there was hardly any sauce to moisten the meal. My husband liked it more than I did, and felt credit was deserved to perfectly reheated shrimp, sausage, and vegetables. But this was one of the meals that opened during shipping, so I don’t know if there the recipe has no sauce, or the sauce all leaked out into the shipping box.
Healthy Baked Pesto Chicken
This was a much better meal. The chicken didn’t seem to have much of a pesto sauce, or any pesto flavor, but it was good. Two pieces of chicken breasts, even though they are small, is a bonus.
The rice is the same overcooked, and dried out rice I had before, and the carrots were cooked perfectly. The roll was as hard as a rock. I would have liked to see a green vegetable instead of two carb sides, and again, the nutritional labels leave a lot to be desired trying to portion this out for my diabetic husband.
Texas BBQ Pork Chops
This was a good meal also. This is a center cut pork chop that was about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch thick. Bonus points for that. It was perfectly grilled, and when heated in the microwave comes out like you had cooked it on your outside grill.
The roasted mushrooms were right on, too. There were plenty of them as well! The red peppers added a nice crunchy texture. Again, the rolls were hard as a rock and didn’t get eaten. I would have liked to see a green vegetable too. The only reason I didn’t give this meal a gold medal was the BBQ sauce. I am pretty sure no one in Texas would ever sign their name to it. It was gross, and I had scrape it off my plate. 
Pretty Good
I was looking to start the new year with a healthy jump start so I decided to get some of these meal plans. I really wasn’t expecting much, but I thought the meals were pretty good. The salads actually turned out to be my favorite part of the meals and I can eat burger after burger all day long. I would like to see larger meal sizes, but that is about it.
Appetizer Sized Portions
I also thought the size of the meals were pretty small for the money. They looked bigger when I saw them on TV. I periodically buy from another company and I thought their frozen meals were better than these fresh meals. But I did think they tasted good. If you can eat appetizer sized portions for dinner, than you should like this program.
The Portion Sizes Could be Larger
I have a 13 year old daughter and myself. We were giving this as a gift when my husband passed away. We have continued placing orders since we found the staff, food and convenience wonderful.
The sizes could be larger for two and we don’t eat that much. Other than that, I have enjoyed not having to cook large meals for just the two of us.

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