Home Cooking For You Reviews

Home Cooking For You is a local and national prepared meal delivery company that specializes in meals that might remind you of meals you may have had at your Grandmother’s house.

They have been delivering prepared meals since 1995, and their menu is frequently used by seniors, gourmet food gifts, new mothers, working parents, and any busy family.
They offer 32 different main courses, which all come as individual dinners.
They have a “Family Dinners”section where consumers can buy larger serving trays of food that will service four to six people.
There individual meal section is broken up into categories of chicken, turkey, beef, pork and ham, fish and seafood, and other specialties. Consumers can find many of the more common fare, but also unique meals such as:
  • Chicken Carbonari
  • Rock Cornish Hen
  • Moroccan Chicken
  • Beef Enchiladas
  • Corned Beef and Cabbage
  • Texas BBQ Brisket
  • Scalloped Potatoes and Ham
  • Maryland Crab Cakes
One of the more interesting aspects of this meal delivery service is that all of their prepared meals are one price, $13 to be exact, which is very competitive with prices of the more nationally recognized providers. Shipping rates vary by state:
  • Residence of Vermont, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Massachusetts, Delaware, and Maryland will pay just $15 for shipping.
  • Residence of Florida, Alabama, and Louisiana will pay $40
  • Residence of Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio will pay $50.
  • All other states, which are on the West Coast, will pay $65.
Their website might be as homemade as their prepared meals, but it is easy to navigate and find their menu of meals. Nutritional information is provided on the product page for each meal. They do not offer a diet meal delivery service.
At this time we do not have any Home Cooking For You Coupons or working Home Cooking For You Coupon Codes to share with you at this time. We would like to point out that their fixed meal pricing may be lower than other companies with a discount code.
Other prepared meal delivery services that offer coupons include Home Bistro, and DineWise.
Home Cooking For You Reviews
The Portion Size Was Beyond Huge
USP delivered my package as promised, but my ten meals were packaged wrapped in a shopping bag, and placed in a box with millions of those Styrofoam peanuts. What a pain to have to deal with as you dig through this ocean of peanuts to find your meals, and clean up after them.
Overall, I found the reheating process a little disappointing too. These meals have to be defrosted before they can be reheated, with isn’t always convenient for me. The trays my meals came in didn’t appear to be microwave-ready either. The tray and cover are held together by clear shipping tape, which doesn’ prevent a small amount of leakage when microwaving. After just two minutes in the microwave, the plastic cover started to melt. I am one of those people who is concerned about plastic in my food.
Aside from those two observations, I was looking forward to trying out my new “homemade” prepared meals. I can assure you are just that.
Beef Enchilada Meal
My first meal from Home Cooking For You was their Beef Enchilada meal. The picture on their website showed it came with Yellow Mexican Rice and Refried Beans. Mine came with what appeared to a brown “dirty rice,” and kidney beans. That was okay this time, because I like both of the substituted sides, but if I didn’t that may have been strike three for this company.
The portion size was beyond huge. I do use a lot of meal delivery companies and I have never seen a portion size like this. I was so impressed, I deducted a strike for the Styrofoam peanuts.
The Beef Enchilada was tremendous. It was fresh, and the wrap didn’t’ get crusty hard during cooking. It was stuffed to the gills and smothered in cheese. The sauce could have been spicier, and the beef had a suspiciously similar favoring to store-bought taco seasoning. It was right on the borderline of being too salty, but I would still recommend this meal to a friend.
The rice was kind of bland, but moist and plentiful. The red kidney beans were right out of the can and rinsed. But the star of the show was that dinosaur-portioned enchilada, that certainly tasted homemade to me. 
Fair Shrimp with Linguini Meal
I had the same problem and concern about the microwave melting my cover that I did with my first meal. That note aside, this was a fair meal. Again, the portion size was very generous. Thank you for that. Normally a meal of this types comes in a buttery-olive oil-garlicly type sauce. This one did too, but the water left behind from defrosting and reheating watered it down and made it bland.
The seafood was fresh and reheated well. I found five large-sized shrimp in my meal. The linguini was also good, and not mushy. Bonus points for using of fresh vegetables, and especially real (not canned) mushrooms. Had the sauce pulled all of these components together, instead of diluting them, this meal would have been top-notch.  
Amazing Meatloaf Meal
Here’ a meal you won’t want to pass on. An amazing meatloaf diner in the tradition of comfort food at its best. Again, the portion size is extremely generous, only to matched by a delicious meatloaf that truly tasted homemade. The corn was better then frozen corn you might get at the market. In fact, if I closed my eyes, its taste brought me back to the sweet “salt and pepper”corn one could get from a farm stand in August. The mashed potatoes may have been instant, but still a great meal. 
Outstanding BBQ Pork Meal
Today was a great day of comfort at its best for me. This BBQ Pork meal was spot on, and the only flaw that kept it from perfection was the amount of water that accumulated in the tray after the meal was defrosted and reheated. The chefs at Home Cooking For You served up 4 hearty slices of pork tenderloin, which reheated as if I were slicing it myself. There was the perfect amount of BBQ sauce as to not overpower the dish.
Notice the vegetables? It is a standard mixed vegetable blend, and many other companies might have left them just like that. These had sliced caramelized onions sprinkled through them, which totally changed the flavor profile from plain to awesome. Caramelized onions do take a while to make, so I really appreciated the effort. A tiny detail that I am going to remember when I do my own cooking.
And the meal just kept getting better. The macaroni and cheese was tops compared to many I have had through the years. It was creamy, maintained its texture, and again, tasted homemade. Outstanding job. 
Very Good Turkey Dinner
Here is a classic turkey dinner anyone can enjoy all year. The slices of turkey are from a real bird, not a processed one or one you might find in the deli section of the local market. The slices are thick too. My dinner came with 4 slices. The mashed potatoes seemed instant and the carrots were good.
There is stuffing under the turkey that came out mushy from the gravy. If the stuffing was in its own tray, it may have been more traditional, and there may have been more gravy for the turkey. But there are only three compartments in the tray. I thought it was a very good meal with generous portion sizes.
ust Okay BBQ Beef Brisket
This prepared meal would be a tough task for anyone just because beef is difficult to reheat in a microwave and come out chewy. I was so careful to microwave the meal in 30 second increments as to not have that occur, but I still ended up with leathery beef brisket. Just as difficult to reheat are the potatoes, tasted good, but had a mushy texture. The broccoli also didn’t’ have any crispiness to it. The portion size was substantial, but this was a meal I’ not likely to order again.
Too Salty Chicken Carbonari
I sincerely had difficulty scoring this meal. On one hand I want to award it a gold medal and praise the chef for an outstanding meal. One the other hand I wanted to give this meal No Medal. The sauce was perfect in creaminess and texture. The chicken wasn’t a cut up, mass produced piece of chicken, but instead, was a real breast off a roasted chicken. I am not sure anyone does that. It came with canned peaches, which I would have preferred a green vegetable or more noodles, with were perfectly prepared.
The amount of salt in the chicken and the sauce was intolerable, and I mean exactly to the point that I couldn’t take eating it. Some of Home Cooking For You’s other meals were on the salty side, but this one should have caught by the head chef before it out to the customers. Most of the meal was sadly tossed away. I decided to go with a silver medal on the hope that this was just an oversight on the part of a brand new sous chef who quite hasn’t fully learned that “seasoned” doesn’t mean “salty.”
Good, But Incomplete Beef Bourguignon
When I ordered this online, the description said it came with mashed potatoes and a vegetable. Mine came as a single tray of Beef Bourguignon without a side dish or vegetable. When I lifted the cover from my microwave tray, I was greeted with a heavenly aroma of red wine gravy. But I would soon be disappointed.
Once again, the amount of water left in the tray after reheating watered down any flavorful gravy that may have existed. The beef was perfect though, and the noodles were good. A few tiny mushrooms didn’t make up for the missing side and vegetable in my opinion. And showing you one thing on the website, and delivering you another always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Soupy Veggie Lasagna
Here is another meal that didn’t look anything like the picture or description on the website and was drowned by residual water after microwaving. My Veggie lasagna had a red sauce, not a white as shown on the Home Cooking for You website. During reheating, the water dripped over the sides of the tray and made quite a mess in the microwave.
There was a side dish of sliced carrots not mentioned on the menu, and I still don’t see how canned peaches round out this meal. In fact, the saucy-water from the lasagna seeped in the peach compartment for a blend that goes as about as well as you can imagine. The lasagna was so messy, it just kind of blobbed on to my plate more like a chunky stew.

Home Bistro Review

Home Bistro has partnered with DineWise and the original Home Bistro recipes are being produced for Home Bistro customers. 

Home Bistro has taken healthy eating to an exciting new level for people who have, for years, despaired of eating the same old stuff, day after day, because that is the way that portion-controlled eating plans once were.  No more.

It is now possible to have fine quality gourmet meals, suited to individual tastes and preferences prepared, portioned, packaged, and sent directly to the consumer.

These meals are also sous-vide.  Sous-vide cooking calls for cooking for an extended period. The food is vacuum sealed, and cooked in hot water at low temperatures to maximize taste and flavor.  Once fully prepared, the meals are then flash-frozen sealing in freshness.  When you are ready to re-heat one of these meals, you can be confident that the latest methods in high-quality food delivery have come down from the restaurant industry right into your home kitchen.

The cost of their food is practical, particularly when you think about no wasted food and guaranteed nutrition. You eat great meals, with more variety and little-to-no effort, other than coming to terms with not heaping a plate with food that you should not, or do not need to eat.  In addition, whatever your preference is, be it meatloaf or seafood, Italian or family style, these meals can offer mouth-watering fare.  What’s not to like about that?

Home Bistro Coupons and Coupon Codes

Home Bistro Coupons and Coupons codes are available for your choice of Free Shipping or a 15% discount on the purchases you make at their website. You can also find a Buy One, Get One Free Gift Certificate offer, as well as many other incentives that will add immediate value to your order. Just click on the Home Bistro Coupon Codeto the left and you see all the current offers.

Oh My Goodness, It Was So Good
I love Salmon so I decided on the Salmon wellington.  Oh my goodness, it was so good.  The shell was light and airy.  The salmon was tender with the right amount of seasoning.  I also ordered the risotto. It was creamy and delicious.  Why would I cook all of this from scratch when it took me minutes to heat. So happy to have found Home Bistro.
Can’t Go Wrong
There is a lot to like about these meals. Here are some pictures from my most recent order. I always throw some of the shrimp cocktails in my order because it seems they are always on sale, and cost less than what I can buy them for in the grocery story. I love them for snacks or serving when I have guests over.
The shrimp and pasta meal is one of my favorites, and the meatloaf and potatoes were pretty good too. I can’t imagine how anyone could wrong with this company.
-Alfred J., CA
Food Items Are Phenomenal
It continues to be a pleasure dealing with this company. The service is outstanding and the food items are phenomenal. The chicken pot pie is my husband’s favorite, even over the one I make, which he likes also…yet yours even more.
What is also fantastic…is that when I order a meal, the proportions are perfect…not too much and not leaving us hungry. We miss the lemon dessert that was on the old menu prior to combining with DineWise. We would like to see this delicious item back on the menu. This is such a wonderful asset to us.
My first impression of removing the pot roast from the bag and to the plate, was that the gravy was very watery. To my pleasant surprise, the gravy was delicious, which was more like an “au jus.” There are two and half generous slices of roast beef, where were perfectly cooked.
In the picture they are stacked over each other so it is hard to see two slices. The pot roast is fork tender. The mashed potatoes were excellent and also perfectly cooked. They complemented the au jus like you expect in a restaurant or your Mother’s Sunday dinner. The peas were also good. The portion size is tremendous Great meal.
Home Bistro Shrimp Scampi
This is nothing short of a delicious meal. Per the manufacturers heating instructions, all three components heated perfectly. There were six large shrimp, which came out tender, flavorful and not tough from being overcooked. The red scampi sauce was delicious, and the pasta reheated to perfection. I licked the plate clean.
A Very Happy New Customer
This was my first time trying prepared meals, and I thought they were outstanding. I purchased ten of them with your Home Bistro Coupon, so I am a very happy new customer. We have eaten more than half of the meals. I never heard of sous-vide cooking before, but it is also something I will never forget.
Beef Brisket Meal
We live in the south so beef brisket is something we grew up eating. This meal was excellent. The size of the portion was surprising. The beef was so tender I could cut it with a fork, and the barbecue sauce was spicy but not hot. The mashed potatoes were homemade too. I would highly recommend them.
Crab Cakes
These were very good also. They weren’t 100% lump crab meat like you would get a good seafood restaurant, but the meal was about half the price of that too. The lobster sauce was to die for. I wish I could just buy that. The side vegetable blend was also good. The meals are easy to reheat too.
A Very Happy New Customer
I received a meal package a birthday gift, and I thought their meals were pretty good. I did buy some other meals a while ago from someone else and these were much better than that. Some of the portions of some of the meals were a little on the smaller side, but the others were hefty. I would recommend them. Next time I want to try picking out my own meals.
Such a great carton you send our meals in, I hate to throw them away.  Now I have one meal left to enjoy.
Unlike All Other Meal Delivery Companies
Thank you for your website. You are doing a great thing to help out seniors on fixed budgets. One of the things I love about these meals is that they are individually packaged, not in trays. I have found the meals will heat up like having really good leftovers if you put them on a plate, cover the plate with another plate, and microwave for about 3-4 minutes, just like you would heat up a leftover.
That is the only thing they have in common with leftovers. Their meals are delicious, and best in the business, in my opinion. I can’t figure out why they are rated #2 because they are unlike all other meal delivery companies.
I sent in pictures of the Lemon Chicken, Garlic Chicken, and Ravioli dinners. These are three wonderful meals of many that reasonably priced and convenient to reheat.   I would love to see them expand the menu.
A Terrific Product
I have been using these meals for a few years to send meals to my elderly aunt in Florida. She was thilled with her last meal package and said it was ‘even better than before.’ She has a number of health challenges – very poor eyesight, diabetes among others – and she trulyenjoys the meals as they are easy for her to prepare and, she says, really delicious.
This isa terrific product, excellent service and a great way for those of us who are too far away to be care givers to contribute to the quality of life of our beloved elders.
A Great Meal Service
It is great to have their food back!  I think their meals are reasonably priced and and I like their catalogs a lot.  My favorite meals are the shrimp scampi and the Beef Tips in Burgundy Sauce.  It’s a great meal service.

Healthy Chef Creations Reviews

Healthy Chef Creations, located in Winter Park Florida, specializes in all natural, organic prepared meals, delivered fresh to your door. Chef John Procacci created a national meal delivery service with meals that are low in calories, and low in fat. 

They do not use processed foods with artificial flavoring, chemicals, or preservatives. Shipping is available nationwide. Consumers interested in prepared organic meals will find a complete menu of meal plans at Healthy Chef Creations.
The company provides dining plans for weight loss meals, new and expecting Moms, and people that just want to eat prepared organic meals.  Healthy Chef Creation Coupons will save you 10% off your order.
Meal plans range from 30, 90, and 120 days are the norm. You may purchase meal plans for one person or an entire family. One week and two week trial meal plans are offered too.  You may select the option of having five days in your weekly meal plan. A five day trial plan of this nature averaged $11.99 per meal, and $299.75 for the week. Shipping is included in the cost of their meal plans.
An la cart menu is available to customers and web visitors that agree to create an account.  Once you register, you have the option of selecting a breakfast, lunch, or dinner entree.  Then, you will be able to pick your choice of two side dishes.
If you choose to customize on a la carte menu, you will have the option of creating a menu for one or a family.    You do get the option of not having a side dish, salad, or dessert with any meal.  If you are buying meals for a hefty eater in the house, you may select to have portion sizes be 50% more than the regular portion size. That may be a unique feature to the company and the meal delivery servicesindustry.
Chef John Procacci created a website where nutritional dieters can click to see nutritional information, which will pop up in a new window, and Weight Watcher points are conveniently calculated for you. There are menus for children, soups, salads, and breads, desserts and snacks, baby food, nutritional supplements, and beverages.
A typical plan includes a breakfast with two sides, a mid morning snack of an energy detoxing shake, a fresh salad, wrap, sandwich, soup, or hot meal for lunch, an afternoon snack, a dinner with two side dishes, and a low calorie dessert. Menus change weekly. 
Healthy Chef Creation Reviews
I have been ordering 3 dinners a week for 3 months and am a bit bewildered by some of the negative comments I have seen on other reviews. I have extremely limiting food restrictions so maybe my expectations are different than most. And I did have to get used to the idea of my expensive, organic dinner arriving in a plastic container and not belittle it to a frozen meal.
The food is fresh, varied enough, simple, & the veggies are not overcooked which is a sure sign someone’s doing something right in the kitchen. I have reduced my portion choice from regular to small and still I don’t eat it all. I am a small woman, but my husband has not complained about portion size either.
And regarding the price–lets just say that with tax, tip and drinks, no question I’d spend more money eating at a normal restaurant, not get organic food and not get it delivered to my door. The small size at 3 dinners/week for 4 weeks breaks down to about $22.90 each. Now come on! How reasonable is that? Most people spend that on 4 visits to Starbucks. It’s the convenience of having a break from the kitchen and still getting the quality-sourced food I would buy for myself.
There were early mistakes with my allergens and preferences. But my “issues” are complicated, and I chose to give the company a fair chance.  Every time I called or emailed I got an efficient and friendly response, an answer or explanation, and almost always a full credit. They seem willing to make any effort to meet my requests and restrictions and keep me happy. What else can I say? Worth the cost? Absolutely. I wish the delivery included full ingredient lists.
I had bought a week’s worth of lunches and dinners for the week following surgery.  I’m so glad I did, partly because the surgery took even more out of me than I thought it would, but mostly because the food was delicious, healthy, and varied.  Much better than I would come up with in my best weeks.  It was a real treat.
After ordering the last few weeks from the a la carte menu, I have been really happy with the taste and portion size. For me, I  really enjoy the quality of the food and do think it is worth the cost!
The only drawback for me is that the ingredients are not listed, and that the food is only labeled as to what it is, not what it is it. You have to trust that it is organic and wholesome , as there is no place to find what the ingredients actually are. Aside from that, I am really happy with their food and have signed up for the meal program which is more cost effective. It’s not cheap, but to me, it’s well worth the price.
I live close by so I pick up my order on Friday at their location in Maitland. While the food is expensive, it’s all organic and I don’t have to prepare it. The quality of the food is excellent. I love their filet mignon.
I was already buying minimally processed and/or organic food, so I was already spending more for my food than most people. I have numerous allergies, so organic was the next thing for me. Even with organic food I still have to be very picky. So I order A la Carte.
The web site ordering is the only thing that actually bothers me.  If I’ve started an order and I need to change something on one of the items I have to delete that item and reorder.  Otherwise, the food is excellent and so far I have had no other problems.
A Day of Meals
My sample day of meals from Healthy Chef Creations got better as the day went on. These meals definitely tasted like they were fresh made and cooked to perfection. Organic products do cost more, but I paid $27 per meal with shipping. While they were good, if not better than most, the price is a little too high for me.
For breakfast I had “The Works” omelet with breakfast potatoes and free-range turkey bacon. I was impressed to find a real egg without the yolk. Not one of those powered egg omelets. The omelet had fresh diced ham, the turkey bacon was a little chewy, and the potatoes had some crunch. It was okay.
For lunch I had a grilled turkey breast with au jus, fennel and green beans, and carrots. I didn’t get any au jus. The turkey was very good and moist inside, but I missed the gravy. The carrots and green beans tasted like they came from a farm stand. The portion size could have been a little bigger, which was my only disappointment.
For dinner I had the Filet Mignon with Mexican Fried Rice and Pasta with Sauce. The steak was cooked perfect, even after reheating it in a microwave. This might be the first time I had an organic steak, and it was delicious. The rice and pasta were equally as good. I thought this was an especially good value for $16.95.  
My Complements to the Chef
I think this is one of the best meal delivery services I have ever tried. If you were to have a private chef cook meals and put them in a microwave tray for later, you would come very close to the quality I experienced with this company. I hope the pictures do these meals justice. My complements to the Chef!
Symphony of Seafood Pasta
I am only sending a few of the meals I ordered. This one was exceptional. Fresh seafood, shrimps, scallops, and fish in a creamy sauce, and put over pasta. The butternut squash risotto was outstanding, so was the side pasta. I would have preferred the tails on the shrimps removed, and a little larger portion size, but this was a great meal.
Beef and Shrimp Kabobs
Imagine you are grilling kabobs in your backyard. Again, that is what this meal tasted like. It wasn’t frozen and reheated. It was fresh cooked to order, as they say they do. The broccoli with garlic was wonderful with noticeable pieces of baked garlic with a buttery texture.
Both My Husband and I Enjoyed the Meals
The meals were honestly quite tasty, flavorful, and filling. The first shipment came and it did raise some anxiety on my part due to my lack of knowledge on heating preparation. I was a bit nervous about how long I should cook the meals, fearful I would overcook them. I figured it out and the meals were delicious.
The meats were tender and tasted great. The second shipment I received were larger portion sizes and were difficult to finish. I am guessing they may perhaps be geared more towards larger individuals. Both my husband and I have enjoyed the meals.
The quality of the food is great. Everything came fresh without defect or blemish. The shipments arrived in tact and nothing had spilled out. I thought the day stickers were a nice touch, it just makes the selection process that much easier.
Ordered a Month of the Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Plan
I just tried this website based on a friend’s recommendation, only ordering 5 meals of dinner and dessert.  I could not believe how delicious the food was, especially since it was Fed Ex’d from the East Coast all the way to CA!  I head filet mignon on day 1 and it was perfectly cooked.  Then I had 2 fish entrees and today was chicken.  The foods are low carb and high protein, which is what I need to lose weight.
Each meal seems to have a bit more calories than I am used to (I think they say 450 per meal) BUT I am not hungry afterward, which is key since snacking is what derails me.  The sides are creative and delicious.  It sure beats the microwave Lean Cuisines and other quick prep foods I am used to eating.  I just went back and decided to order 1 month of the breakfast, lunch and dinner plan ($1000, week) so that I can really try to start to lose these pesky last 15-20 lb finally.  One note: the desserts are TINY, come in a little cup about the size of a salad dressing to go container.  But they pack a big punch of taste and sweetness.
Food Tastes Great!
“I have been using this company for several weeks.  It is fantastic to not have to worry about shopping and cooking.  It is so nice to have someone else search for organic ingredients!  Food tastes great, and I’ve even lost weight!

PLR Jackpot Review

PLR Jackpot: Legitimate Action, Fast Commission!

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A Moving Video on Our Website

The company I work for helps people make their dreams come true. It is easy for some people to get loans for things such as a house or vehicle, but it can be a real struggle for others. We understand that people may not have a great credit history but are responsible nonetheless, which is why we help the majority of people who come to us secure the loan that they need. I wanted to redo our website a bit, which included me finding a company that does video production in Singapore.

I wanted to have a video showing a young couple finding the house of their dreams. Rather than show them walking away from it dejectedly, I wanted to showcase how my company was able to help them get the loan that they needed to make it their very own. I was not sure which company to use because we had never went this route before, so I just looked at all of the video production companies in the area. Big 3 Media really stood out, and I was happy that I could look at some of their videos on their website and social media sites. Continue reading

Even if You Do Not Have Trouble Making Ends Meet, You Should Save on Your Home Energy Costs

It seems that a lot of the drilling for natural gas has caused prices to drop nationwide. However, our electricity bill seemed to keep going up. Rate increases are announced by the electricity suppliers. They have to get approval to raise their rates. Of course they do get the approval. The per kilowatt hour price may only increase by a tiny fraction, but you use a lot of kilowatts of energy in the average home nowadays. My wife found a website that had options to sign up with other energy providers that had lower per kilowatt hour prices. We just needed to understand the fine print.

We had no minimum usage requirements for our current energy provider. The company that had a lower rate did. However, that was not a problem. I looked at the bills going back two years and we consistently met the minimum kilowatt usage every month. In fact, we exceeded it by a good margin. There was no worry about dropping below the threshold and paying a fee. There was a term agreement too. Continue reading

The AC Quit Right when the Days Began to Be Sweltering

How did the old folks survive living anywhere near the city? Was it cooler back then? As a kid, I remember doing a lot of sweating in our house in August every year. Wow! They are not kidding calling it the dog days of August. Dad had one of those metal window fans in my room. It was round, and you could flip it over to blow air in or out.. My bed was next to the window, and I slept sideways to have the fan blowing on my face. Today, I’m calling for air conditioning repair in NYC because our house reminds me of those days of my youth. The air went out yesterday, and it is hot as an oven in here. What makes matters worse is that we do not even have any fans. Continue reading

A Pressure Washer That is Easy to Use

I bought my first home a few months ago. Up until then, I had been living in an apartment for all of my adult life. I knew that I was ready to make the move to my own house, and I was able to buy a really nice one that has about an acre of property with it. Having a house over an apartment has been a learning experience though since I am now in charge of my own maintenance. The first thing I needed was to find the best pressure washer so I could pressure wash the sidewalks, driveway and even the siding on the house and garage. Continue reading

Finding a New Place to Live

When I found out my husband was cheating on me, there was actual relief. That might sound odd, but it was actually very liberating, I had not been happy in a very long time, and I was happy to have the excuse I needed to change the way my life was. The first thing I did was go online to look at apartments for rent in Lewisville TX. I wanted to have everything ready before I told him I was leaving, because I knew he would try to change my mind.

It took me a few hours to look over all the apartments that I could find in Lewisville, which is where I used to live before getting married. It had been 12 years though, and there were a lot more options since I had been living there. I wanted to see as many as possible, but I kept going back to the apartments at Toscana Valley Ridge. I just needed something small, but that didn’t mean that I wanted something uncomfortable. Continue reading