Mom’s Meals Reviews

Mom’s Meals is a prepared meal delivery service that ships fresh, and never frozen, meals nationwide. They are also affiliated with PureFoods, a company best known for its Fresh Start weight loss program.

Moms Meals uses a special tray for packaging that allows you to keep meals in your refrigerator for up to 14 days without them going bad.
Mom’s Meals caters to people receiving benefits from Medicaid in thirty states. They also offer a private pay program.
You are required to purchase any combination of breakfast, lunch, and dinners, in quantities of 10, 14, or 21. These meal will be delivered by UPS.
Customers may elect to have Moms Meals delivered weekly through their ongoing service. The program is specifically designed for senior citizens, people in poor health, those with disabilities, and people who live in rural areas that may not have access to regular food supplies. Our Moms Meals Reviews have not been too good.
All of Moms Meals qualify as diabetic meals, but 60 carbs per meal may be high for some people with diabetes.
They also offer menus for Heart Friendly, defined as low sodium and low fat, Carb-Controlled, defined as 60g of carbs or less, Gluten-Free, and Vegetarian, which does include dairy and egg products.
When you select your meals you will only see line listings of the meals. There are no pictures or descriptions. Nutritional information is provided if you choose to read it.
The cost of these meals average between $5 and $8 per meal, plus shipping. As a result, there are no active Moms Meals coupons or Mom’s Meals coupon codes. With any order, you add a bread and a dessert to your meal order by adding $1 per meal.
Other meal delivery services that offer coupons include: Home Bistro and DineWise.
It Is Horrendous!
Do not ever use Mom’s Meals or send to anyone, especially for elderly or loved ones.  If you tasted it or tried it personally you would agree in a heart beat.  I have!  It is horrendous!  They should be somehow stopped from misrepresenting what they offer. We need to protect and warn readers about Mom’s Meals to steer them away from it.  It is thrown out money!
Mom’s Meals gives an outstanding presentation of their service and enticing menu with good pictures and descriptions to go along with it all.  They also are wonderful with their communication/contact at the outset of ordering, making the individual feel very positive of the program and excited.  And, the box that arrives is totally exciting to see, a big beautiful box, packed so nicely.  It is fun to unpack and it comes with written material inside.  Everything is spot on from their marketing, advertising, website, initial communication to new customers, and packaging….but that is where it ENDS!
Sadly, the meals do not stand up at all to what is promised.  Portions are small, but that would be ok if the food was at least edible.  I got seven entrees.  The first one I ate was so horrible I should have thrown it out instead of forcing myself to eat something so dreadful.  And, after eating it, I got a stomach ache from it.  It was the Beef, Noodles with sauce.  The noodles were like very thick card board and the primary component of the dish was too salty sauce.  The “beef” were little ground pieces of what seemed to be gristle and bone because it crunched or was unchewable forcing one to either spit it out or just try not to gag as you swallowed it. Definitely an unpleasant disgusting entree in every facet.
Giving the benefit of the doubt and because all the written material about Mom’s Meals is so enticing as are the pictures, I decided to try the other meals I purchased. All, but one side dish ended up going into the trashcan due to being unedible!  I wouldn’t even give it to my dog!  I know this sounds extreme, but believe me it is not.  At the end of this letter, I will detail out specifics on the meals I ordered and recieved as I tasted/attempted to eat every one.
I am a healthcare provider myself and so I am appauled that this company is getting away with this and mortified that so many families think they are taking care of their loved ones/their parents sending these meals to them and giving them piece of mind in doing so thinking that their parents are eating well, when in actuality that couldn’t be further from the truth. In truth, the parents would be better off not getting these meals because anything else would be more optimal.
The truth is that this company is exploiting people who want to care for their loved ones and this company is getting away with it. This angers me, especially because it is hurting the very people in need that the company  says that they are helping, the frail, elderly, disabled individuals who need meal assistance.
Families who purchase from this company for their loved ones think that they are taking care of and helping and insuring that their loved ones get a good meal which is so important.  And, because this company gives such a good front and presentation, the family has no clue that what is being sent is abominable. But the food is something no one would EVER let a loved one or parent eat because if they ate it themselves they would come too a quick conclusion that it would do more harm than good to them.  And, of course, no parent receiving this, out of love from their child, would ever dare complain or say anything to their child of how dreadful it is because it would hurt their child to know when their child went to such lengths of love to send meals to their parent/s.
This company, in my opinion, needs to be put to a hault as it is exploiting people and people’s attempts to care for their loved ones.  It is taking advantage of children’s love for their folks and attempts to help take care of them and taking advantage of the elderly’s vulnerable position and also of their love back to their child not wanting to disappoint or upset their child’s acts of love by letting them know.
Mom’s Meals provides such an incredible presentation that it is hard to believe what food that comes is from the same company that is the website and materials/communication/packaging. I learned of Mom’s meals from a family member wanting to help me, thinking also that it would be a good way for me to get good healthy meals in.  I was so excited anticipating good healthy meals as the company presents. I got a nice welcoming phone call from Mom’s Meals after I placed my order and an email from them. Then a big nice looking and inviting box arrived, styrofoam lid and packaged all so beautifully.  That’s where the goodness stopped.
I already shared about the beef, noodles, sauce.  The other entrees I received were:
Turkey Goulash and Blueberry Apple Crisp – the goulash genuinely tasted spoiled and the blueberry apple crisp was way too sweet, even for a person with a sweet tooth.
Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy, green beans with bacon and onions – the beans smelled extremely foul and tasted equally as foul (?if spoiled from bad bacon?) and the salisbury steak was salty.  There was one small shriveled up mushroom slice carefully placed in the center of the salisbury steak which I guess is how they qualify the gravy as “mushroom gravy”.
Banana Walnut Pancakes with Turkey Sausage – I never saw such a small sausage in my life.  It was tiny shriveled up dark 1 1/2 inch, if that, in size.  The pancakes also thin and small and the pancakes were completely inedible.  I took a bite and what was in my mouth was so foul, it had to be spit out.  I never tasted anything so dreadful.  MUCH better off to go to McDonald’s.  A healthier better breakfast!  Better proportion, better quality and better price and fresher!  What does that say about a meal when McDonald’s is the better option for breakfast entree.  Pancakes at McDonalds, much bigger and fluffier and even good.  Sausage also better and bigger.  And, you can get real eggs at McDonalds (with a yolk or more like an omelet or scramble…your pref and choosing).
Stuffed Green Pepper – The pepper was actually on the side and the meat presented like a meatloaf, which actually was a nice way to present it for the ease of eating.  However the rice in the meat was not cooked enough and so the meat had harder (very ala dente) rice throughout the meat making it very unpleasant because rice not cooked yet still in the meat.  Additionally, the meat was too salty.
Cheese Lasagna – of all the main entrees, this was tho only one that seemed to taste ok although still was a little on the salty side but not as extremely so as the other entrees were.  And, the noodles on this had such a strange/ consistency….sort of mushy/mealy type texture (not totally appealing or optimal).
Turkey Chili with Beans and Cornbread Pudding –  This meal does not heat up well.  The chili, arrives frozen and takes many times longer than the pudding to heat.  The chili is also primarily sauce and it is an unpleasant sauce at that ….both because of it’s taste and because of what they consider “meat” that they put in it.  The “meat” within it is like  1/2 tbsp of pureed meat that gives such a weird sauce texture that makes it definitely undesirable.  The corn pudding needs to be removed from the container as the chili continues to heat although they do not advise or tell you of this.  (The chili takes very long to heat up.)  However, the corn pudding was actually good!  One good item (side dish only) of all that I recieved.  I ate the corn pudding and so far, no ill effects to me.
I tasted at least one bite of everything so that I could provide valid actual true factual feedback about the food given by Mom’s Meals. It is definitely NOT a viable source of good food to send or give to anyone you love or care about.
Sure Glad it’s Not My Mom
Some of the meals aren’t bad, but some of them are very disappointing, for example the NEW Vegetable Primavera in Creamy (HUH) Alfredo Sauce; no Sauce so much as a tasteless watery concoction, and the so called vegetables, sparse and small, frozen I assume. The Cheeseburger-the cheese always ends up around the burger and you have to scrape what you can get to put it o the burger, which by the way tastes eerily like McDonald’s $.99 cheeseburger except there’s no pickle and the limited amount of cheese you can manage to scrape to make it a “Cheeseburger”.
When I ordered the Fruit Breakfast Pizza the first time, I loved it, it had a great texture and berries in a delicious sauce; the second time I got it, they’ve changed it to a waffle with a nauseating mixture of cream cheese and canned peaches on top…disgusting. I ate half of it and couldn’t stomach any more. Canned peaches seem to be used wherever possible instead of berries. The NEW Chicken Pepper Pasta has a nice quality pasta, but the sauce, tastes alright, but it’s very sparse.
And enough Oranges! Yogurt or a healthy muffin would be nice and a lot more imaginative with some of the meals instead of all those oranges! The powdered milk is a waste and a joke. I’ve had a similar service who managed to send small cartons of real low fat milk.
All in all, very unimaginative, creative, and seemingly not much concern for pleasing the clients. They make “Mom’s Meals” sound so caring and folksy, but I’m pretty sure all they’re concerned with is cost. When I receive them, there’s always a problem lately; I’m always appalled and annoyed with “Mom’s”. SSure glad it’s not my Mom!
They’re much better than Meals On Wheels, but that isn’t really saying much…When I receive my box, the first few times UPS delivered and carried the box up to my third floor apartment, now they’re using Fed-Ex who just rings the buzzer and leaves the box in the unsecured common area entry hall, and as they never come at the same time, anyone can take it if I’m not here. The last few times they delivered, and both times it was after noon.
This morning I had an appointment in the morning and was home by 11:45. It is now 7:40, no meals. I waited until 6:30 and then decided I would call Mom’s, but it was too late. So tomorrow I’ll have to deal with this hassle all because Mom’s started using the infamously fast but not concerned about security Fed-Ex, a cheaper alternative. If they want to use Fed-Ex, a signiture should be required so they can’t just ring the bell, dunp the box, and take off as quickly as humanely possible. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!
Spaghetti and Marinara Sauce
When I first opened this package, I thought Mom’s accidentally forgot the Marinara Sauce. The small amount that came with this meal was hidden under the spaghetti. The spaghetti was okay. The sauce left much to be desired. There were some bits of meat called Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage on the label, but there wasn’t enough sauce to cover the pasta. What sauce did come with the meal was very watery. Maybe they meant Marina instead of Marinara.  The nutritional label said this meal had 16 grams of fat, and I can’t figure out where that came from.
The string beans looked liked typical frozen beans you can buy at any supermarket, less any of the flavor. I would not recommend, or want to reorder this meal again. Any jarred sauce over your own pasta would be considerably better, and a much better value.
Stuffed Pepper
One of the things I have always run home for are my mother’s stuffed peppers. It may be one of the best comfort foods of all time, so I was very excited to get a stuffed pepper meal from Mom’s Meals. I was disappointed.
The meat was stuffed with rice, but it had no flavor. The meatball wasn’t stuffed in a green pepper. Instead, some sliced pieces of pepper were mixed in with more of the rice that may have been leftover. For a company that promotes itself as a healthy meal solution, I would have liked to see a vegetable come with it. This meal had 16 grams of fat, 45 carbs, and 1 gram of trans-fat, which I was surprised to see on the nutritional label.
The side rice had no flavor, which seems to be a recurring theme. It didn’t have any texture either. I swear if I were blind-folded I would have had a hard time identifying what it was.
The best part of Mom’s Meals Meatloaf was the standard Mixed Vegetables, and I think Mom gets these from the frozen section of the grocer too. The meat continues to be flavorless, and it seemed to me, the recipe for this meatloaf started with bread crumbs. The ketchup they put on the meatloaf was disgusting, and I am not being dramatic. The potatoes were mushy and flavorless as well. I tasted each component of this meal and threw the rest out.
Baked Ziti
So far, I gave all the Mom’s Meals I tried a bronze medal in respect to the low-price  point Mom’s is trying to maintain per meal. However, they are also proving to me that you do get what you pay for. The frozen store-bought vegetables were good, and once again, the best part of the meal. A sad statement in itself. The pasta was mushy and without texture, the sauce was awful, and I couldn’t taste any of the three cheeses that came with this meal.
The meatballs were out of this world, but I don’t mean that in a positive way. I have never seen anything like them. They had an unusual spongy texture. Very strange. The nutritional label said 19 grams of fat and 66 carbs for this “healthy meal.”
This is all of the Mom’ Meals I can taste for one day.
3 Bean Chili
This was much more like a tomato vegetable soup than a chili. In fact, the heating instructions say to stir the soup after one minute in the microwave. Yes, it had a hint of chili spice. The vegetables are good, but without any seasoning and a watery flavorless broth, this chili is one to pass on.
Beef Stew
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think that is what you will get from my photos. One of the things missing from this beef stew is the stew. It is more of a collection of vegetables with some beef. Two of my pieces of beef had too much grizzle on them. I am getting tired of writing flavorless and inferior. I ate just enough to write the review and threw the rest out.
Chicken and Noodles
Here is a Mom’s Meal I would be happy to recommend. The noodles are thick and have a very homemade texture. Nothing beats homemade pasta. The diced chicken is plentiful, flavorful, and tender. The portion size is nice, and the sauce is good. It could use some seasoning and a green vegetable, but this was a good meal you will want to add to your order.
Florentine Lasagna with Turkey Sausage
This was the best Mom’s Meal I have tried so far. I am a huge fan of lasagna, and I have to admit I was concerned about getting a watery one when I saw this was a Florentine Lasagna, which means spinach. This meal reheated perfectly and wasn’t too watery at all. The turkey sausage added a nice texture, and the sauce was good. The noodles were perfectly cooked too. This lasagna stands a lot higher than most others too. Great job Chef! 
Tuna Casserole
Tuna Casserole is not a meal you see on the menus of many prepared meal delivery companies. In my opinion, that’s a shame because it is certainly one of the all-time comfort foods. Mom’s Meals does a good job with theirs too. The tuna is good, the noodles are good, and the vegetables round out a very economical meal that only needs a hint of salt and pepper. Well done.
Pork and Marsala Sauce
The portion size of this meal really makes it a tough meal to recommend. You can see in the picture the amount of pork you get with your order. Basically 1.5 slices. Quality-wise, the pork is great. It is from the tenderloin, which is the most expensive part, but appetizers can have more meat than this meal. The white rice was a little gummy, and there wasn’t enough sauce to dip the rice into. A side green vegetable would have been nice.

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