Making the Work Area Safer

I take my business very seriously. I know there are a lot of owners of companies that let others handle most things, but I like to get my hands dirty, so to speak. When there was an accident at one of our locations, I went there myself to find out what had happened. A worker escaped serious injury when one of the ladders to the roof came lose while he was on it. I wanted to make sure nothing like that ever happened again, so I did a search for a fixed access ladder. I also went and examined the other locations in person and saw that the potential for the same kind of accident was present at quite a few of them.

I knew that I needed to figure out what kind of ladder would be best for these locations so another near miss would not happen. I liked Safety Fabrication’s website because they not only showed pictures and technical details about each ladder but they also explained why certain ladders were better for specific types of buildings. This is what led me to look at steps rather than ladders for all of my locations.

I knew the ladders that this company makes are the best of the best, but I still wanted something more for my employees. I did not want any of them to risk any kind of injury, and the site for ladders and stairs even recommended getting the steps for heavy use access. They had several different kinds, and I was able to talk with someone there to find out the best one for my needs. They were able to recommend the step units that would make my work areas much safer, and they installed all of them within weeks. I feel much better knowing my workers are safer now.

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