I Love Living Near My Job and the Beach

I had always wanted to live the beach life, but never had a chance until after I graduated from school and got a job in Tampa. I knew that I could not afford a million-dollar home on the beach, but at least I would be close enough to hit the beach on the weekends. I wanted to live in one of the downtown Tampa apartments that I had been looking at. I would be very close to work, but still close enough to the water to be happy.

I was not sure if I would love downtown life, but I really like it. It is nice to be able to walk home from work and be in my apartment in just 10 minutes or so. Sometimes I take my bike to work, but most of the time, I just walk. It is nice to save on gas and not have to pay a car payment and full car insurance costs. There are also a lot of businesses located right around my apartment, so I rarely ever need to get a taxi or take the bus. I can just walk outside of my apartment at night and be at a restaurant in one of the nearby business buildings within 5 minutes at most.

I have a lot of friends who love to go the beach. So, on the weekends, they are happy to come by and pick me up to take me with them out to the water. One of my friends likes my place so much that she decided to rent a unit in the same building. That really helps out because she does have a car, and we just go hang out on the sand on weekends whenever she plans on going out there herself. It really works out well.

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