HomeStyle Direct Review

Located in Kimberly Idaho, HomeStyle Direct is a relatively new company in the prepared meals market. They offer four seasonal menus of meals with roughly 55 complete meal selections.

The majority of the menu consists of single serving meals, which may be used as lunch or dinner. Breakfast meals, desserts, fruit juice and meal replacement shakes round out the balance of their menu.
It is a relatively small menu compared to other companies in the same niche. All orders from the previous week are shipped on the following Monday. They make their own local deliveries and use UPS for national meal deliveries
Orders normally arrive within two or three days, depending on what part of the country you live in and what method of shipping you choose.
Shipping rates are not posted on their website, but a $60 food order to New York or Miami starts at $27 and can go up to as much as $78 depending on the shipping options you select. Shipping fees to Los Angeles are slightly less expensive.
HomeStyle prepared meals require you to defrost and thaw your meals before reheating. This too, is uncommon for the industry. Consumers interested in the convenience of having prepared meals delivered, generally like the simplicity of reheating meals in a microwave from a frozen state. Their heating instructions recommend a 24 hour thaw in your refrigerator before reheating. Customers also have the option if reheating HomeStyle Direct meals in their ovens.
The nutritional information of their meals is impressive, and is competitive with most of the weight loss meals offered by diet companies. The vast majority of their meals are under 500 calories, and only one is over 600 calories. These meals can easily fit into a healthy 2,000 calorie a day diet. The carbohydrate counts might be a tad on the high side, but within USDA recommendations, and only a few of their meals would qualify for a low sodium diet. Most of the meals were high in fiber, which is good, and can be unusual for the industry. 
Medicaid Meal Delivery
The company offers a Medicaid meal delivery service. To qualify for prepared meals medicai, residents must live in Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Utah, or Wyoming. The prepared meals medicaid menu appears to offer the identical meals fond on their regular menu.  Creating prepared meals that qualify for medicaid will most likely have price and cost challenges not associated with traditional gourmet meals one might buy online. 
HomeStyle Direct Update
Being an employee of Homestyle Direct, I read with interest your review of our company and services.  I felt it necessary to submit facts that have changed, so your information can be correct.
We no longer require a $50 minimum order. Our website now offers online ordering,  the ability to view our shipping calendar, and to download meal plans or the Spanish menu. We offer meals to help adhere to such dietary restrictions as low-salt, low-carb, low-fat, gluten-free, renal diet and heart-healthy parameters. Our inventory is always fresh, a major difference with grocery-store choices.
Homestyle Direct has been a family-owned and operated business for over 15 years, shipping over 25,000 meals each week, to individuals all across the Continental U.S.
Thank you,
Stephanie Novacek
Homestyle Direct Pay Accounts
Homestyle Direct Reviews
Enjoying the Medicaid Meals
So far I am enjoying the medicaid prepared meals.  I would like fresh fruit, milk, juice to be available with the deliveries.
Prepared Meals for People on Low Budgets
Overall I found the meals I sampled on the menu to be okay, and a little behind the other vendors in this market. Having to allow time for the meals to defrost is an inconvenience, and shipping costs are more than most other services. The cost of the meals may make this company a good value for people with very low budgets.
Biscuit and Gravy Breakfast
One of my favorite things about traveling to the South is to load up on biscuits and gravy. This was a great experience.  The sauce is loaded with sausage chunks, the sauce is not watery like you might expect with a microwave meal, and there is a traditional “kick” of Southern spices. Perhaps a biscuit on the side would make this perfect, but I scarfed the whole thing down. 
The microwaved Tater Tots were soggy. I was surprised to find a ketchup and mustard package under the Tater Tots, which probably should have been removed before cooking. The burger was a bad a burger could be, with the exception I was able to pick it up. The bread didn’t reheat evenly top and bottom and side to side. Some parts of the bun were to hard I couldn’t bit it. Overall, a disappointing meal.
Stuffed Pepper Meal
This stuffed pepper is not really stuffed. The meat, which has traditional rice in it, sits on a bed of rice. The pepper wedge is located right next to it.  The rice had a crunchy, uncooked, texture to it. The meat and pepper is good, but there is very little sauce.  The side vegetables were nothing special and a little mushy.  Overall, an okay meal.
Beef Burgundy Meal
The meat in this meal seems very “processed,” and unlike the meat of the stuffed pepper. It reminds me a microwave meat sandwich you might find at a gas station.  Under the meat is a generous bed of pasta with a nice sauce. This was the best part of the meal, but the sauce seemed more like a pasta sauce than a beef burgundy sauce.  The vegetables were good and not soggy. They had a healthy “crunch” to them.  The quality of the beef made this meal disappointing.
Harvest Breakfast Meal
Wow! A very nice piece of skirt steak is the highlight of this meal. It microwaved well, wasn’t overcooked, and was quite tasty. The juice from the steak, however, leaked into the potatoes and the scrambled eggs underneath it.  The potatoes were slightly “crunchy” undercooked and had little seasoning. The scrambled eggs appeared to be powered, but the apples slices were great.  A tray with compartments would have greatly helped this meal, but the steak makes this meal a star.
Pork Loin Meal
The little piece of paper you see in the tray is the leftover of a pat of butter covering the beans. It melted during reheating. The directions did not say to remove the film and remove it.  There is one slice of pork tenderloin, which is a real slice of a true pork tenderloin. It came out perfect.  The rest of the meal didn’t fare so well. There was a lot of excess water in the bottom of the tray from the vegetables, which ruined the stuffing. Again, compartment trays would probably help.
Jumbo Cheese Ravioli
Basically, this is three ravioli with standard vegetables. The meal was okay, but there was nothing special about it that you couldn’t buy at the supermarket.  This meal seemed on the small scale for portion size.  Most of their meals do provide a substantial portion. Although the tray was hot, both components seemed undercooked. Okay meal.

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