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Home Bistro has partnered with DineWise and the original Home Bistro recipes are being produced for Home Bistro customers. 

Home Bistro has taken healthy eating to an exciting new level for people who have, for years, despaired of eating the same old stuff, day after day, because that is the way that portion-controlled eating plans once were.  No more.

It is now possible to have fine quality gourmet meals, suited to individual tastes and preferences prepared, portioned, packaged, and sent directly to the consumer.

These meals are also sous-vide.  Sous-vide cooking calls for cooking for an extended period. The food is vacuum sealed, and cooked in hot water at low temperatures to maximize taste and flavor.  Once fully prepared, the meals are then flash-frozen sealing in freshness.  When you are ready to re-heat one of these meals, you can be confident that the latest methods in high-quality food delivery have come down from the restaurant industry right into your home kitchen.

The cost of their food is practical, particularly when you think about no wasted food and guaranteed nutrition. You eat great meals, with more variety and little-to-no effort, other than coming to terms with not heaping a plate with food that you should not, or do not need to eat.  In addition, whatever your preference is, be it meatloaf or seafood, Italian or family style, these meals can offer mouth-watering fare.  What’s not to like about that?

Home Bistro Coupons and Coupon Codes

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Oh My Goodness, It Was So Good
I love Salmon so I decided on the Salmon wellington.  Oh my goodness, it was so good.  The shell was light and airy.  The salmon was tender with the right amount of seasoning.  I also ordered the risotto. It was creamy and delicious.  Why would I cook all of this from scratch when it took me minutes to heat. So happy to have found Home Bistro.
Can’t Go Wrong
There is a lot to like about these meals. Here are some pictures from my most recent order. I always throw some of the shrimp cocktails in my order because it seems they are always on sale, and cost less than what I can buy them for in the grocery story. I love them for snacks or serving when I have guests over.
The shrimp and pasta meal is one of my favorites, and the meatloaf and potatoes were pretty good too. I can’t imagine how anyone could wrong with this company.
-Alfred J., CA
Food Items Are Phenomenal
It continues to be a pleasure dealing with this company. The service is outstanding and the food items are phenomenal. The chicken pot pie is my husband’s favorite, even over the one I make, which he likes also…yet yours even more.
What is also fantastic…is that when I order a meal, the proportions are perfect…not too much and not leaving us hungry. We miss the lemon dessert that was on the old menu prior to combining with DineWise. We would like to see this delicious item back on the menu. This is such a wonderful asset to us.
My first impression of removing the pot roast from the bag and to the plate, was that the gravy was very watery. To my pleasant surprise, the gravy was delicious, which was more like an “au jus.” There are two and half generous slices of roast beef, where were perfectly cooked.
In the picture they are stacked over each other so it is hard to see two slices. The pot roast is fork tender. The mashed potatoes were excellent and also perfectly cooked. They complemented the au jus like you expect in a restaurant or your Mother’s Sunday dinner. The peas were also good. The portion size is tremendous Great meal.
Home Bistro Shrimp Scampi
This is nothing short of a delicious meal. Per the manufacturers heating instructions, all three components heated perfectly. There were six large shrimp, which came out tender, flavorful and not tough from being overcooked. The red scampi sauce was delicious, and the pasta reheated to perfection. I licked the plate clean.
A Very Happy New Customer
This was my first time trying prepared meals, and I thought they were outstanding. I purchased ten of them with your Home Bistro Coupon, so I am a very happy new customer. We have eaten more than half of the meals. I never heard of sous-vide cooking before, but it is also something I will never forget.
Beef Brisket Meal
We live in the south so beef brisket is something we grew up eating. This meal was excellent. The size of the portion was surprising. The beef was so tender I could cut it with a fork, and the barbecue sauce was spicy but not hot. The mashed potatoes were homemade too. I would highly recommend them.
Crab Cakes
These were very good also. They weren’t 100% lump crab meat like you would get a good seafood restaurant, but the meal was about half the price of that too. The lobster sauce was to die for. I wish I could just buy that. The side vegetable blend was also good. The meals are easy to reheat too.
A Very Happy New Customer
I received a meal package a birthday gift, and I thought their meals were pretty good. I did buy some other meals a while ago from someone else and these were much better than that. Some of the portions of some of the meals were a little on the smaller side, but the others were hefty. I would recommend them. Next time I want to try picking out my own meals.
Such a great carton you send our meals in, I hate to throw them away.  Now I have one meal left to enjoy.
Unlike All Other Meal Delivery Companies
Thank you for your website. You are doing a great thing to help out seniors on fixed budgets. One of the things I love about these meals is that they are individually packaged, not in trays. I have found the meals will heat up like having really good leftovers if you put them on a plate, cover the plate with another plate, and microwave for about 3-4 minutes, just like you would heat up a leftover.
That is the only thing they have in common with leftovers. Their meals are delicious, and best in the business, in my opinion. I can’t figure out why they are rated #2 because they are unlike all other meal delivery companies.
I sent in pictures of the Lemon Chicken, Garlic Chicken, and Ravioli dinners. These are three wonderful meals of many that reasonably priced and convenient to reheat.   I would love to see them expand the menu.
A Terrific Product
I have been using these meals for a few years to send meals to my elderly aunt in Florida. She was thilled with her last meal package and said it was ‘even better than before.’ She has a number of health challenges – very poor eyesight, diabetes among others – and she trulyenjoys the meals as they are easy for her to prepare and, she says, really delicious.
This isa terrific product, excellent service and a great way for those of us who are too far away to be care givers to contribute to the quality of life of our beloved elders.
A Great Meal Service
It is great to have their food back!  I think their meals are reasonably priced and and I like their catalogs a lot.  My favorite meals are the shrimp scampi and the Beef Tips in Burgundy Sauce.  It’s a great meal service.

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