Healthy Chef Creations Reviews

Healthy Chef Creations, located in Winter Park Florida, specializes in all natural, organic prepared meals, delivered fresh to your door. Chef John Procacci created a national meal delivery service with meals that are low in calories, and low in fat. 

They do not use processed foods with artificial flavoring, chemicals, or preservatives. Shipping is available nationwide. Consumers interested in prepared organic meals will find a complete menu of meal plans at Healthy Chef Creations.
The company provides dining plans for weight loss meals, new and expecting Moms, and people that just want to eat prepared organic meals.  Healthy Chef Creation Coupons will save you 10% off your order.
Meal plans range from 30, 90, and 120 days are the norm. You may purchase meal plans for one person or an entire family. One week and two week trial meal plans are offered too.  You may select the option of having five days in your weekly meal plan. A five day trial plan of this nature averaged $11.99 per meal, and $299.75 for the week. Shipping is included in the cost of their meal plans.
An la cart menu is available to customers and web visitors that agree to create an account.  Once you register, you have the option of selecting a breakfast, lunch, or dinner entree.  Then, you will be able to pick your choice of two side dishes.
If you choose to customize on a la carte menu, you will have the option of creating a menu for one or a family.    You do get the option of not having a side dish, salad, or dessert with any meal.  If you are buying meals for a hefty eater in the house, you may select to have portion sizes be 50% more than the regular portion size. That may be a unique feature to the company and the meal delivery servicesindustry.
Chef John Procacci created a website where nutritional dieters can click to see nutritional information, which will pop up in a new window, and Weight Watcher points are conveniently calculated for you. There are menus for children, soups, salads, and breads, desserts and snacks, baby food, nutritional supplements, and beverages.
A typical plan includes a breakfast with two sides, a mid morning snack of an energy detoxing shake, a fresh salad, wrap, sandwich, soup, or hot meal for lunch, an afternoon snack, a dinner with two side dishes, and a low calorie dessert. Menus change weekly. 
Healthy Chef Creation Reviews
I have been ordering 3 dinners a week for 3 months and am a bit bewildered by some of the negative comments I have seen on other reviews. I have extremely limiting food restrictions so maybe my expectations are different than most. And I did have to get used to the idea of my expensive, organic dinner arriving in a plastic container and not belittle it to a frozen meal.
The food is fresh, varied enough, simple, & the veggies are not overcooked which is a sure sign someone’s doing something right in the kitchen. I have reduced my portion choice from regular to small and still I don’t eat it all. I am a small woman, but my husband has not complained about portion size either.
And regarding the price–lets just say that with tax, tip and drinks, no question I’d spend more money eating at a normal restaurant, not get organic food and not get it delivered to my door. The small size at 3 dinners/week for 4 weeks breaks down to about $22.90 each. Now come on! How reasonable is that? Most people spend that on 4 visits to Starbucks. It’s the convenience of having a break from the kitchen and still getting the quality-sourced food I would buy for myself.
There were early mistakes with my allergens and preferences. But my “issues” are complicated, and I chose to give the company a fair chance.  Every time I called or emailed I got an efficient and friendly response, an answer or explanation, and almost always a full credit. They seem willing to make any effort to meet my requests and restrictions and keep me happy. What else can I say? Worth the cost? Absolutely. I wish the delivery included full ingredient lists.
I had bought a week’s worth of lunches and dinners for the week following surgery.  I’m so glad I did, partly because the surgery took even more out of me than I thought it would, but mostly because the food was delicious, healthy, and varied.  Much better than I would come up with in my best weeks.  It was a real treat.
After ordering the last few weeks from the a la carte menu, I have been really happy with the taste and portion size. For me, I  really enjoy the quality of the food and do think it is worth the cost!
The only drawback for me is that the ingredients are not listed, and that the food is only labeled as to what it is, not what it is it. You have to trust that it is organic and wholesome , as there is no place to find what the ingredients actually are. Aside from that, I am really happy with their food and have signed up for the meal program which is more cost effective. It’s not cheap, but to me, it’s well worth the price.
I live close by so I pick up my order on Friday at their location in Maitland. While the food is expensive, it’s all organic and I don’t have to prepare it. The quality of the food is excellent. I love their filet mignon.
I was already buying minimally processed and/or organic food, so I was already spending more for my food than most people. I have numerous allergies, so organic was the next thing for me. Even with organic food I still have to be very picky. So I order A la Carte.
The web site ordering is the only thing that actually bothers me.  If I’ve started an order and I need to change something on one of the items I have to delete that item and reorder.  Otherwise, the food is excellent and so far I have had no other problems.
A Day of Meals
My sample day of meals from Healthy Chef Creations got better as the day went on. These meals definitely tasted like they were fresh made and cooked to perfection. Organic products do cost more, but I paid $27 per meal with shipping. While they were good, if not better than most, the price is a little too high for me.
For breakfast I had “The Works” omelet with breakfast potatoes and free-range turkey bacon. I was impressed to find a real egg without the yolk. Not one of those powered egg omelets. The omelet had fresh diced ham, the turkey bacon was a little chewy, and the potatoes had some crunch. It was okay.
For lunch I had a grilled turkey breast with au jus, fennel and green beans, and carrots. I didn’t get any au jus. The turkey was very good and moist inside, but I missed the gravy. The carrots and green beans tasted like they came from a farm stand. The portion size could have been a little bigger, which was my only disappointment.
For dinner I had the Filet Mignon with Mexican Fried Rice and Pasta with Sauce. The steak was cooked perfect, even after reheating it in a microwave. This might be the first time I had an organic steak, and it was delicious. The rice and pasta were equally as good. I thought this was an especially good value for $16.95.  
My Complements to the Chef
I think this is one of the best meal delivery services I have ever tried. If you were to have a private chef cook meals and put them in a microwave tray for later, you would come very close to the quality I experienced with this company. I hope the pictures do these meals justice. My complements to the Chef!
Symphony of Seafood Pasta
I am only sending a few of the meals I ordered. This one was exceptional. Fresh seafood, shrimps, scallops, and fish in a creamy sauce, and put over pasta. The butternut squash risotto was outstanding, so was the side pasta. I would have preferred the tails on the shrimps removed, and a little larger portion size, but this was a great meal.
Beef and Shrimp Kabobs
Imagine you are grilling kabobs in your backyard. Again, that is what this meal tasted like. It wasn’t frozen and reheated. It was fresh cooked to order, as they say they do. The broccoli with garlic was wonderful with noticeable pieces of baked garlic with a buttery texture.
Both My Husband and I Enjoyed the Meals
The meals were honestly quite tasty, flavorful, and filling. The first shipment came and it did raise some anxiety on my part due to my lack of knowledge on heating preparation. I was a bit nervous about how long I should cook the meals, fearful I would overcook them. I figured it out and the meals were delicious.
The meats were tender and tasted great. The second shipment I received were larger portion sizes and were difficult to finish. I am guessing they may perhaps be geared more towards larger individuals. Both my husband and I have enjoyed the meals.
The quality of the food is great. Everything came fresh without defect or blemish. The shipments arrived in tact and nothing had spilled out. I thought the day stickers were a nice touch, it just makes the selection process that much easier.
Ordered a Month of the Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Plan
I just tried this website based on a friend’s recommendation, only ordering 5 meals of dinner and dessert.  I could not believe how delicious the food was, especially since it was Fed Ex’d from the East Coast all the way to CA!  I head filet mignon on day 1 and it was perfectly cooked.  Then I had 2 fish entrees and today was chicken.  The foods are low carb and high protein, which is what I need to lose weight.
Each meal seems to have a bit more calories than I am used to (I think they say 450 per meal) BUT I am not hungry afterward, which is key since snacking is what derails me.  The sides are creative and delicious.  It sure beats the microwave Lean Cuisines and other quick prep foods I am used to eating.  I just went back and decided to order 1 month of the breakfast, lunch and dinner plan ($1000, week) so that I can really try to start to lose these pesky last 15-20 lb finally.  One note: the desserts are TINY, come in a little cup about the size of a salad dressing to go container.  But they pack a big punch of taste and sweetness.
Food Tastes Great!
“I have been using this company for several weeks.  It is fantastic to not have to worry about shopping and cooking.  It is so nice to have someone else search for organic ingredients!  Food tastes great, and I’ve even lost weight!

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