Abu Dhabi Paddock Club

If you are a racing fan then you are probably familiar with the Abu Dhabi Paddock Club. This is a luxurious club where racing fans from all around the world gather every year to watch the exciting racing that takes place. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2014 will be no exception. Abu Dhabi is a city located in the United Arab Emirates, which is also home of the Abu Dhabi Paddock Club. This is a club that provides the perfect Formula One experience that you will never forget. The guests of the club will get the privilege of sitting on the upper lounge floors, which provides the perfect view of the racing track. The setting is perfectly comfortable because there is air conditioning and food servicing that is the best in the world.

For guests that have a VIP Abu Dhabi paddock club pass, it is even more of a luxurious experience. They will all be able to take advantage of the complimentary beverages and foods that are available during the entire race, like the gourmet coffee. You will think you are drinking at Starbucks when you get a taste of the coffee at the Paddock Club. But besides the foods, a VIP guest will also have a more thrilling experience of the race. They will be allowed to gain access to the pit lane, which is where you can walk onto the track during certainly times of the race. Best of all, you can meet other VIP guests on the terrace of the roof. They have an open bar and an even more spectacular view of the racing track.abu-dhabi

What is truly unique about the Paddock Club is their Yas Pass that is made available to their members. With the Yas Pass, you will be able to access three major attractions in Abu Dhabi. The first attraction, of course, is the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The other two attractions consist of the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Waterworld Abu Dhabi, which are world renowned theme parks. The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is actually the largest theme park in the world and has over 40 high intensity rides and slides. Some famous rides of this park include an interactive rollercoaster and the tornado waterslide.

If you are looking for a nice getaway vacation then you will certainly want to get the VIP pass of the Abu Dhabi Paddock Club. You will get to have so many unique experiences that you won’t get anywhere else. Best of all, you will be able to tell your friends and family back home about it. Then hopefully, they will become interested in the club as well because they offer an experience of a lifetime.

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