A Moving Video on Our Website

The company I work for helps people make their dreams come true. It is easy for some people to get loans for things such as a house or vehicle, but it can be a real struggle for others. We understand that people may not have a great credit history but are responsible nonetheless, which is why we help the majority of people who come to us secure the loan that they need. I wanted to redo our website a bit, which included me finding a company that does video production in Singapore.

I wanted to have a video showing a young couple finding the house of their dreams. Rather than show them walking away from it dejectedly, I wanted to showcase how my company was able to help them get the loan that they needed to make it their very own. I was not sure which company to use because we had never went this route before, so I just looked at all of the video production companies in the area. Big 3 Media really stood out, and I was happy that I could look at some of their videos on their website and social media sites.

When I watched one video, I was so drawn into the story being told that I was surprised that I had watched the entire five minute video. That alone let me know that they were the company to create our video. I wanted the same emotional story told on our own site, because I wanted couples as well as others to know that they don’t have to suffer because of past mistakes. This video production company created a beautiful video that was touching and even humorous, and I knew that it was going to bring hope to a lot of people. It’s so good that it is still the feature video on our website!

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