The AC Quit Right when the Days Began to Be Sweltering

How did the old folks survive living anywhere near the city? Was it cooler back then? As a kid, I remember doing a lot of sweating in our house in August every year. Wow! They are not kidding calling it the dog days of August. Dad had one of those metal window fans in my room. It was round, and you could flip it over to blow air in or out.. My bed was next to the window, and I slept sideways to have the fan blowing on my face. Today, I’m calling for air conditioning repair in NYC because our house reminds me of those days of my youth. The air went out yesterday, and it is hot as an oven in here. What makes matters worse is that we do not even have any fans. Continue reading

Finding a New Place to Live

When I found out my husband was cheating on me, there was actual relief. That might sound odd, but it was actually very liberating, I had not been happy in a very long time, and I was happy to have the excuse I needed to change the way my life was. The first thing I did was go online to look at apartments for rent in Lewisville TX. I wanted to have everything ready before I told him I was leaving, because I knew he would try to change my mind.

It took me a few hours to look over all the apartments that I could find in Lewisville, which is where I used to live before getting married. It had been 12 years though, and there were a lot more options since I had been living there. I wanted to see as many as possible, but I kept going back to the apartments at Toscana Valley Ridge. I just needed something small, but that didn’t mean that I wanted something uncomfortable. Continue reading

I Love Living Near My Job and the Beach

I had always wanted to live the beach life, but never had a chance until after I graduated from school and got a job in Tampa. I knew that I could not afford a million-dollar home on the beach, but at least I would be close enough to hit the beach on the weekends. I wanted to live in one of the downtown Tampa apartments that I had been looking at. I would be very close to work, but still close enough to the water to be happy.

I was not sure if I would love downtown life, but I really like it. It is nice to be able to walk home from work and be in my apartment in just 10 minutes or so. Continue reading

Making the Work Area Safer

I take my business very seriously. I know there are a lot of owners of companies that let others handle most things, but I like to get my hands dirty, so to speak. When there was an accident at one of our locations, I went there myself to find out what had happened. A worker escaped serious injury when one of the ladders to the roof came lose while he was on it. I wanted to make sure nothing like that ever happened again, so I did a search for a fixed access ladder. I also went and examined the other locations in person and saw that the potential for the same kind of accident was present at quite a few of them. Continue reading

Started on the Bathroom Remodeling Plans

shower doors in Essex county NJThe first thing is to figure out what we are going to do and how much money we are going to be willing to put in to this. It is not like you can not plow tons of cash in to this sort of project. In theory we would like to do as much of it as we can by ourselves, but some of it might not be that practical. For instance we found this place that has a good deal on some really nice tempered glass shower doors in Essex county NJ, but we are looking at this thing and we were asking the guy in the store if he knew how to install it. Continue reading

Real Estate Appraisal for Sacramento

Right now, my wife and I are trying to buy a house, and we have one in our sights that we really want to get, and we are going to be very disappointed if we are not able to close on it. I did not think that we would be able to find something so quickly, since we both have fairly different tastes and strong opinions about what we like. But we found this house and we both love it. I need to set up an appointment for Sacramento real estate appraisal because in order to be able to get the bank we’re going through to do this mortgage, we’re going to have to have the property appraised first. Continue reading

A Moving Video on Our Website

The company I work for helps people make their dreams come true. It is easy for some people to get loans for things such as a house or vehicle, but it can be a real struggle for others. We understand that people may not have a great credit history but are responsible nonetheless, which is why we help the majority of people who come to us secure the loan that they need. I wanted to redo our website a bit, which included me finding a company that does video production in Singapore.

I wanted to have a video showing a young couple finding the house of their dreams. Rather than show them walking away from it dejectedly, I wanted to showcase how my company was able to help them get the loan that they needed to make it their very own. I was not sure which company to use because we had never went this route before, so I just looked at all of the video production companies in the area. Big 3 Media really stood out, and I was happy that I could look at some of their videos on their website and social media sites. Continue reading

Even if You Do Not Have Trouble Making Ends Meet, You Should Save on Your Home Energy Costs

It seems that a lot of the drilling for natural gas has caused prices to drop nationwide. However, our electricity bill seemed to keep going up. Rate increases are announced by the electricity suppliers. They have to get approval to raise their rates. Of course they do get the approval. The per kilowatt hour price may only increase by a tiny fraction, but you use a lot of kilowatts of energy in the average home nowadays. My wife found a website that had options to sign up with other energy providers that had lower per kilowatt hour prices. We just needed to understand the fine print.

We had no minimum usage requirements for our current energy provider. The company that had a lower rate did. However, that was not a problem. I looked at the bills going back two years and we consistently met the minimum kilowatt usage every month. In fact, we exceeded it by a good margin. There was no worry about dropping below the threshold and paying a fee. There was a term agreement too. Continue reading

A Pressure Washer That is Easy to Use

I bought my first home a few months ago. Up until then, I had been living in an apartment for all of my adult life. I knew that I was ready to make the move to my own house, and I was able to buy a really nice one that has about an acre of property with it. Having a house over an apartment has been a learning experience though since I am now in charge of my own maintenance. The first thing I needed was to find the best pressure washer so I could pressure wash the sidewalks, driveway and even the siding on the house and garage. Continue reading

A Treasure Trove of Useful Information

When I discovered the Pirate Bay website, I was opened up to a world of things that I had been missing out on. You can find just about anything on the website. I’ve found many books that I’ve been interested in reading, but couldn’t find at the library. I’ve found old games that I used to play but couldn’t get my hands on anymore because there were no more copies of them in stores. I’ve even found mix tapes from some of my favorite musicians.. The best thing that I’ve found on the website is a manual for an old television.

Most people would think that an old television manual wouldn’t be something to get excited about, but this was no ordinary manual. This manual contained instructions on how to take apart the television. Again, a normal person wouldn’t care about something like this, but to me, it meant that I could try my hand at repairing an old television. I have a television that has problems with the images it displays. Continue reading

The Lurking Horrors of Sewers

Have you ever wondered what happens when you flush your toilet? It’s so nice and convenient that after flushing we’re given clean water with nothing to remind us of the horror that we left behind in that pure white porcelain bowl. I doubt the majority of Americans are the kind of people who are going to be thinking of their own wastes in such a context but there are times when I cannot help but wonder what happens to it all and the people that are forced to work as sewer cleaning in Bronx NY. Those men and women have to be some of the bravest people in the world, I used to think, which is what drove me into the local employment agency in order to discover first hand what kind of terrible stories they have. Stories that come from their actual worldly experiences of diving into those unholy human-carved and human-soiled depths.

When we were kids I no doubt I was the only one who used to imagine vast cities hidden within the sewers. Imagined places that were like Neverland. Continue reading

We Need Internet Marketing Help

My boss and I sat down with some of the guys in tech and the marketing staff this morning. We are getting ready to open up a new web page and we are trying to figure out how to promote it. Of course that is not an easy thing to do and so we are looking for help. There are a lot of guys who do Internet marketing, but it is really hard to figure out who has the ability to produce results. For example I checked out some Ewen Chia reviews and this guy really makes a lot of big claims. The essence of his pitch is that if you listen to him, then you stand to make millions. In fact that is a common thread when you listen to people in this field. They are in marketing after all and the first thing that they need to be able to do is to sell their own services. The fact is that this is really complicated stuff and no one who is not trained is going to be able to really understand the stuff. Continue reading